Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Faves

This month, instead of a lengthy article, I decided to put some of my favorite September items into a video. Among those that aren't in the video is the Vogue September issue, which was packed full of great fall wear ideas, though the actual articles were mediocre or not fitting of the magazine, and the Get Back to Style campaign held in Calgary that I got to be a part of. I met a number of wonderful people through it, like Amy of September was the kind of month that had me feeling all sorts of emotions--happy, sad, partly-cloudy--and I'm going to miss it. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Forever Seventeen With Betsey Johnson

Enter the world of Betsey Johnson where it's always prom night, you always make homecoming queen, and looking good doesn't have to be serious business. Betsey Johnson speaks to the teenager in all of us--carefree and beautiful.

I couldn't help but love nearly all the items in the Downtown Calgary location. The store will be celebrating it's 1 year come November and I'm not so secretly wishing for an invitation to the party.

Oh but what to wear! The options seem almost endless. The store layout is wonderful for one's senses. Uncluttered, with everything in view, it's no wonder I felt ADD in there.

Another reason to check out this location is the customer service. Janelle Courchesne and Ally Chang were down-to-earth and the definition of Betsey girls--playful and sweet. Helpful and obliging to all the customers, I credit the blissful shopping experience to them. They were kind enough to take some photos of me in some of the new Betsey Johnson dresses.

I don't remember the name of the first dress, but the second one is  Film Noir and the third is Evening Peacock Flair

Ideally I would have loved a dress, but logic made me think twice. Where would I wear it to? Then I thought, who cares! I could simply sit in it while I blogged. Though in all honesty, one doesn't buy a dress like that if they don't plan to be seen.

The shoes were to die for. However, Betsey doesn't have half sizes and I have a rule about only buying perfect fit shoes.

Instead, I went with a belt. Stunning isnt it ;)

If you are in the Calgary area, visit the Betsey girls and check out the sales.

Address: 203 8th Ave Southwest Calgary
Phone:(403) 261-8803

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Inspirations

There are number of things awaking my senses this season. The Vogue September issue, Bath and Body works new scented candles and all the new stores opening in my area. The season's barely began, and I'm already hyper.

Here's what's got me inspired this season    

Parlor Magazine 
This is a local Alberta magazine, that offers details on shops, dinning and entertainment in the area. The cover of the summer issue gave me a burst of ele-gance fashion inspiration.

This Korean girl band has me rethinking my style. The group's style often hosts a lot of leather and statement piece accessories, items that I adore and yet don't wear enough. Their new video features edgy bold wear that would put life into anybody's wardrobe. 

Victoria Beckam
Victoria Beckam is a style icon in her own right She almost always has something on worth noting . For a while I didn't pay that much attention, but this season her line actually has pieces that have caught my eye, like  these skinny jean with zipper detailing.

Gruge Park  
Not everything has to be pristine to be beautiful. There's a much darker side of style that I'd like to explore. I'm not talking goth, but something a little less prep school and little more grunge park.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Enjoy Weekends: Reading Session

Yesterday marked the first day of fall. I wanted to celebrate with a "fallish" set, featuring an embellished cotton cardigan. An item I think makes up a big chunk of many peoples fall style. Fall has always been my favorite season, for numerous reasons but mostly because it's the most stylish season.

People seem to make more of an effort during autumn. They build their wardrobes or completely revamp their style. Students go back to school with fresh looks and workers have the "just back from vacation" glow about them. Everyone just looks good during autumn.

It may be a busy season for most people but at least people are look stylishly busy. But in the midst of all the busyness, why not take some time to enjoy the other pleasures of autumn: the changing leaves, the updated restaurant menus and the huge summer markdown sales.

Have a great weekend ^-^

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chilly Days Bring Out Trench Coat Style

This month I started writing for and had the pleasure of meeting some of the team members, including Linda, pictured below. Not one to miss a great looking coat, I had to snap a shot. Obviously my mediocre camera doesn't do it justice. But up close this trench has a great looking shimmer to it.
It was a chilly day that day and I also wore my trench's a rare day indeed when I'm not wearing one. But I will thank the weather and Linda for giving me the opportunity to get a picture of this style moment.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giving Summer The Boot

It is certainly fall, and with the weather the way it's been here no longer can I milk my mini skirts, at least not without some textured tights (which are very in this season). Accompanying the ensemble would have to be a pair of head turning, note worthy boots to make the fall frost less noticeable.
Kicking of the fall boot parade are these Calvin Klein Women's Rayven Booties  I love the basket weave and the scalloped shaft. It's the kind of shoe that makes people forget that their toes are numb from the cold draft resulting from the open toe.
Chinese Laundry is one of my favorite shoe brands. They just make good boots at affordable prices and these under $40.00 ones are a must have for every woman's closet. Yes they're basic. But classic is so in this year and these boots are classic beauties. 

Harajuku Lovers Ascona Plaid Platform Boot was a love at first site sort of deal for me. They had me thinking of fall the moment I laid eyes on them. Despite their pattern, they actually go with a lot of outfits, whether you want to look quirky and cute, or pop a bland outfit, these shoes always perform well. 

I plan to step into fall in these Rocawear Inna Boots. They aren't pretentious but host a load of personality. These will definitely be showcased with my miniskirt and textured leggings and of course trench, while I crunch leaves on a crisp fall day, sipping a sweet latte--ok now I'm just getting carried away. But you get the jist...I want those boots.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Beauty Dayz: Pink Grape Fruit Splash From Soft Soap Review

Lately, I've been lathering my body with pink grapefruit splash from Soft Soap. Here's a quick review of the body wash in the video below.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exposed Seam Trench Coat

A fall must have! This pretty brown dress like trench coat has me drooling. It has a vintage flare to it and the camel color makes even more retro. This classic trench coat has me turning my head to take another look. There's only one thing to do in a situation like this. Buy the coat so all heads are turning towards me.

This is a very easy coat to accessorize; you could go all out with patterns and prints or keep to textured solids.

Mojo Moxy Women's Gussy Platform Ankle Boot

Miu Miu Horn-strap suede tote

bebe Samantha Snake Detailed Sunglasses

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer Fashion Pictures

I have this bad habit of taking pictures and not posting them up a month or two later. Such is the story of many of the pictures in this post. I went around snapping shots of summer fashion only to present them to you when we're near fall. However, I still have a few more summer days (though it doesn't feel like it), since technically summer doesn't end until September 21.
Most of the pictures below are of my sister's fashion days combined with street wear of others and some shop pics.

Love the boots.

Some handmade jewelery from a street seller

Lastly me in a vintage dress and straw hat from the Bay

Friday, September 10, 2010

Enjoy Weekends: Where the Wild Things Are

I hope you enjoyed this weekly feature and are inspired to add some animal prints to your wardrobe collection. I'll admit that I'm somewhat surprised as to how all the wild cat, zebra, and snakeskin prints have grown on me. I think combined with solids and nuetrals animal prints add a bold, dramtic edge to an outfit without the "street walker" association.

I did two sets for this week's enjoy weekends, as I wanted to showcase two different ways of following this trend. The first set is something very much befitting to my taste. Can we say stunning trench coat! I also love love love the dress. It's femine, classy and bold.

The set below is a lot more wild but the black pencil skirt and handbag bring it back down to earth. The leopard heel shoes are a hot way to add animal print to a look.

What do I have instore this weekend? Well it's my birthday so you never know ;)

Have a great weekend ^-^

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Etsy Wild Side

Some of the greatest animal print items I've seen lately have been handmade works of beauties by etsy sellers. I had to dedicated a single post to some of the items that I fell in love with, even if I don't have an extreme love for animal print. These items are not all "catty" nor are they fierce. For the most part they are creative ingenious pieces that will make you want to prowl through the etsy jungle ( I couldn't help it).

SLITHER - Bronze Python Embossed Bangle - Cruelty-Free


This bangle from  endlessbounty is a great fall piece. I can't get over how realistic it looks with the python embossed vinyl coating.


 Here we have another animal print inspired bangle. It's sophistication can't go unnoticed. Eleci has a number of jewelry and accessory pieces that are bold yet truly feminine. 



 Jangeisen has me wanting to get my Safari on with this necklace. It's made completely of polymore clay and features giraffe and leopard print. This is a great necklace for the individual who loves unique statement-piece jewelry.

Leopard guitar pick earrings


These are just fun. Found on whattherock, they'd be a great way to add some boldness to a boring outfit. It's pieces like this that remind me why accessories are so much fun. 

WILD Retro COCKTAIL RING ReVamped Vintage Jewelry


I love cocktail rings and this one from transienttreasures is a stunner. It's wild, pretty and a whole lot of feline fun.  

Small Zebra Print Bag

 This zebra print bag from BagsbyLora is a must have for my bag collection. I love that it's handmade. I love that it trendy and yet has a classic design. I love this bag! 


Purse giraffe print upcycled denim


chocolatedogstudio's idea of making bags out of old denim jeans is awesome. This is a really practical and creative way of upcycling.  If I could sew I'd make a bag like this but I can't so I guess I'm buying. This bag would have fit well with my denim dayz week. 

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