Monday, May 31, 2010

Natural double frill shoulder mac

I love when iconic and fashion forward collide. Throw in a mix of cute and BAM you have a great looking trench coat. I also love the buttons of this coat and lets not forget the lovely ivory color that allows you to add great colorful accessories to it.

Natural double frill shoulder mac

Gwyneth Shoes Women's Icon Flat,Blue,9.5 M US

Love Peace and Hope Midsize QL103 L Word Collection 96 Watch 


Gwyneth Shoes Women's Icon Flat,Blue,9.5 M US

Kate Spade Watch Hill Lilia Tote

Love Peace and Hope Midsize QL103 L Word Collection 96 Watch

Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Lovin

I found May to be a rather uneventful month. I liked it don't get me wrong, but not too many things stood out about it. Thus remembering what I loved this month was a little harder since everything was either "ok" or "meh."
I just wasn't giddy about a lot of things I encountered. That said, I apologize in advance if this is a short list.

My May Loves

Charles Anastase-short popeline trench coat

This was definitely my favorite trench coat this month. It's just so cute, stylish, and fun
120 eye make up palette

For satisfying the beauty snob in me, having a ton of colors to play around with, and allowing me to use it wet or dry, the 120 eye make up palette was a sure pleaser this month. You can check my post about it by clicking here

neatTreats Soap

Instead of lush, I was all all about neatTreats this month. For starters, the soap just looks nice.  Instead of an ordinary block of soap Pam, the owner, makes her soap using very pretty molds like flowers and even a hedgehog. It's also very moisturizing since her soaps are made with goat milk which is a great skin care ingredient. Lastly, I love the way they smell. The one's I have smell like coconut and I love sniffing them. It's a mild scent, not overpowering in the least but lovely and refreshing. Her soaps just make me smile.  I was actually surprised to be raving about a soap company that wasn't lush.

 Azure Ray
I've always liked this band but this month I found myself listening to them more and regrowing my love for them. To give a brief bio, Azure Ray is an American dream pop duo consisting of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink. While many may find their sound understated, which it is, their intimate and deep lyrics draw you in. I can listen to them through out my day with out getting sick of them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Enjoy Weekends: Cute in Casuals

I think everyone needs a lazy weekend now and then. I for one would love one. It's raining and I don't really feel like going anywhere this weekend. If it was sunny however, then I might make an effort to slip on some cute casuals and munch on finger food with friends. This set reminds of a summer day by a dock.

If there's one thing I love doing it's mixing and matching dressy items with casual ones. The shorts for example are laid back and understated but the sandals, with their rosette detailing, have a more dressy appeal.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend ^-^

Thursday, May 27, 2010

bebe Ruching Detail Belted Trench

When I first saw this coat I thought "hmmm,...interesting..." It wasn't love at first sight by any means. I just thought it had too much going on with it with all the ruching. I mean from collar to hem this coat is all ruched out. However, after closer analysis, seeing it in different colors and combing it with different accessories I started it seeing it's playful flirty attraction. This coat reminds me of a high maintenance girl, (which is funny since that's the only type of girl I can see pulling off this trench coat) who you love to hate but can't help loving none the less.

bebe Ruching Detail Belted Trench

 Steve Madden Women's Rebecaa Pump,Black Satin,8.5 M US

Cocktail Rings - Big, Black & Milky-White CZ Oval Cut Cocktail Ring - Size 10 


Santi RYLC4034 Clutch

Steve Madden Women's Rebecaa Pump,Black Satin

 Cocktail Rings - Big, Black & Milky-White CZ Oval Cut Cocktail Ring

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LUSH Chox Away Soap Review

I was lucky enough to receive a large bar of chox away soap from a LUSH party. I say “lucky” because while I did want to try it, it isn’t a soap I’d spend money on; and after using it I hold the belief of “it is o.k.”  Below is my review of the Lush’s chox away soap.


Lathers well: Unlike some other soaps that take a bit to get a good lather (vanilla delight), chox away lathers up very nicely. However, I didn’t find it to have longevity. I’d recommend using it as hand soap because it may end up being used quickly in the shower.

Smells nice (when fresh):  Chox away soap has a nice compilation of ingredients that gives it its yummy smell.  It contains white chocolate, dark chocolate, honey, coconut oil, sweet orange oil and peppermint oil. All these together smell wonderful! On the downside, it’s lovely aroma has little staying power. The scent doesn’t stay on your skin (which could be seen as a good thing) and doesn’t linger in the room long. The bar itself doesn’t hold it’s scent well. You can smell the difference between a newer chox away and one that’s been sitting for a little while. I found that after just 3 weeks the smell had practically vanished. I highly recommend getting a chunk of this as fresh as possible. Ask the people at lush when it arrived. Don’t buy anything older 2 and ½ weeks.

Affordable: LUSH can be expensive…ok it IS expensive so when I find an item that is “reasonably” priced (for lush that is) it’s worth cheering about. Most of LUSH’s soaps cost 7.95 for 100g but chox away is only 5.95, making it one of lush’s inexpensive soaps and a budget friendly option.


Goes quickly:  Limited usage is best for chox away, unless you have a massive piece. It goes really quickly. Within 5 days it had reduced in size considerably. 

Mediocre skin benefits
: While I did feel clean after using it, my skin wasn’t soft or moisturized. I will say that it is gentle. Thus, if sensitive skin is an issue this may be a good option. However, it was the kind of soap that I had to use moisturizer with after my shower since it did very little to moisturize on its own and I’ll even go as far as saying it dried my skin a bit.

While I didn’t find this to be a 5 star soap, it wasn’t bad. For scent alone it’s a nice soap. If you get a fresh one you’ll probably want to stay in the shower all day just so you can smell it. I find it more of a fun soap than a skin care soap. Therefore, if what you’re looking for is some chocolaty fun in the tub or shower then give this one a try, but if you want your soap to do more than smell good lush has better options.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nautical Trench

Nautical is really in this year so when I saw a trench coat picking up the theme I couldn't help but smile. I love nautical theme items. Not that I have a lot, but I think I'll be adding more to my collection.

The coat itself is simple (navy, typical trench length and fit) but the the contrasting gold piping and popper fastening make the coat a little more interesting than your average run-of-the-mill trench
Suddenly I want a sea trip...guess who doesn't live anywhere near the sea...or even a lake. Oh well, I'll fill up my bathtub and sail my toy boat in the water while I wear this coat.

 Love Moschino

Nautical trench

I decided to stick with the nautical theme when it came to the accessories. Not in a "lost at sea" way but with little aspects of sea time fun.

Annie Women's Owen Wedge,Navy,10 W US

Coccinelle Stripe Small Shoulder Bag,Navy,one size


Annie Women's Owen Wedge,Navy,

Coccinelle Stripe Small Shoulder Bag,Navy,one size

Navy Enamel and Gold Link Bracelet

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Contest Prizes Video

Just in case you were wondering what the prizes for the contest I'm having actually look like (and I'm sure you were wondering) there's a video to let you see what's in the box.
^-^ Visit the contest page to enter!

Enjoy Weekends: Why Stay Home

This weekend I'm attending a friend's wedding, so that at least that gives me something to do. But even if I didn't have any plans this weekend I think I 'd still dress up and take myself out on a date. The flowers are blossoming in my area and the weather is getting warmer, so why not get pretty and head some where inviting. 

I actually really like this set because of the pops of color. The dress is simple but fun and all the accessories compliment each other. I say if you look this good, why stay home.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Gaho Trench

Trench coats usually come in the 3 sizes--medium (knee length), long (calf length), and cropped (sits on hips), but this one takes cropped to a whole new level. It looks more like a sports jacket at first glance but it is a genuine trench coat and I like it. It's different. A definite 70's inspired look. This jacket has a retro flare but perhaps because it is a trench coat it still looks fresh and modern.

The Gaho Trench from Miss Sixty features:

*Cropped double breast trench
*Nylon windbreaker style shell
*Extended back hem, with elastic trim
*Lined interior
*Smaller size fit

Because this jacket is so short I wanted to use the opportunity to feature a high waisted skirt. High waisted pants would also work with this trench coat or even a dress.

BCBGMAXAZRIA Skirt, High Waisted Belted Pencil Black 10

BCBGMAXAZRIA Skirt, High Waisted Belted Pencil Black 10

bebe Quilted Wristlet

BCBGirls Women's Amonia Pump

Friday, May 14, 2010

Enjoy Weekends: Fashion Show At Brunch

If there's one thing I want to do for sure this weekend, it's munch on some delicious waffles.

This week's set is all about class and sophistication. I saw the cardigan and knew I wanted to create a set with it. Many people shy away from brightly colored tops because they don't know how to pair them up.

When you have something like a busy cardigan or heavily patterned top be sure to keep the bottom plain. Dark colored skirts, skinny jeans, or dress pants flatter just about any busy top. When accessorizing, pick one color from the busy patten to play up. In the case of this cardigan I chose the green, but avoided being too matchy matchy. Different sades of green were chosen to create the outfit. A grey top was used to pick up on the subtle  grey in the sweater. The inside top could have been any color but I wanted a light tone since everything else was so bright.

Not sure if you're going to indulge in brunch this weekend but if so, make it a fashionable one and dress to impress.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rainforest - Women's Long Belted Hooded Trench Coat

This is a simple raincoat (very essential for spring) that I'm happy to say has a hood. Why does this matter?  I hate carrying umbrella's and I hate getting my hair wet. Therefore, having a hood makes my life a whole lot easier. I also like how light weight it is, and yet it's fully lined. It's a nice rainy spring day option.

STEVEN by Steve Madden Women's Wide Leather Belt,Black,Medium

indigo by Clarks Women's Ruby Claire Side Zip Boot,Black Leather,6 M US

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella

STEVEN by Steve Madden Women's Wide Leather Belt,Black,Medium 

 indigo by Clarks Women's Ruby Claire Side Zip Boot,Black Leather,6 M US

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just making sure

I hope you are all enjoying your week so far. I'm loving the fact that sun has finally decided to grace my area with it's presence. In case you haven't already joined the Spring Cleaning contest now is a good time. The contest doesn't end until June 3 so you still have plenty of time. But don't wait till the last minuet since you could forget and then you'd miss out on a chance to win a lovely prize pack.
If you have already entered good luck and thanks for participating!
Now contest aside, I love the pictures used in this blog post. I can't remember exactly where it comes from but it makes me want to take a flower bath. I haven't had on of those in fact, I don't recall ever having one. I think I'm going to have to raid my flower garden once everything is blossomed and take a few petals for a flower bath.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I want this trench coat! Enthused would be understated way to describe my reaction to this coat. There were some visual fireworks for sure. I love the length, the dressy appeal, the playfulness--I love this coat. I think this may become a May fave. I mean look at it. Don't you just want to dress up and go somewhere, anywhere!

You could probably go as out-there as you wanted with a coat like this. High fashion shoes are a definite must. Snake skin, leather, chains, whatever appeals to you can most likely work with this trench coat. For one, it has a playful design with it's mini, pop out dress like hem, but the color is dark and conventional, allowing you to add pops or color and texture if you like.  

    Loeffler Randall Mabel Embossed Natural Snakeskin, Strappy Platform Pump
Sterling Silver Disc Earrings - Oval Snakeskin Pattern #0508 OE
 Gigi Chantal™ Black Woven Purse with Faux Snakeskin Trim - Style DPRSKA28


Loeffler Randall Mabel Embossed Natural Snakeskin, Strappy Platform Pump

Sterling Silver Disc Earrings - Oval Snakeskin Pattern #0508 OE

Gigi Chantal™ Black Woven Purse with Faux Snakeskin Trim - Style DPRSKA28