Friday, October 29, 2010

Enjoy Weekends: Tricks and Treats

David Koma One shoulder dress, 2,205 GBP
Pump, $1,275
Alexander mcqueen bags GOLD, 895 GBP
Alexander McQueen - 230732J160Y Knuckle Duster (Lead Blue) - Jewelry, $550
Helena Rubinstein - Lash Queen Feline Blacks Mascara - No. 02 Black..., $38
Lalique - Perles de Lalique Extract Crystal Parfum 60ml/2oz, $572 Vera Wang Rock Princess: Beauty, $53 - Beauty - 1082801240, $3.80
6" Natural Twig Grapevine Pumpkin - Bowl Fillers & Fixins - Primitive..., $3.99
Cat/Mouse Tail (Black) [RU06275BLK] - $3.00 : Halloween costumes,...
Natural Halloween Candy - Halloween Swirl Lollipop
In The Hoop Designs :: Single Designs :: Trick or Treat Words (5x7)
The Untouchables | Fantasticsmag
Black and Gold Gatto Cat Mask

This is what I want to be for Halloween--Bold, Outrageous, Outlandish and just plain Fabulous. I love the one shoulder dress, the kitty mask and the skeleton pumps and mmm candy. I swear I'm going to buy a huge box of candy after Halloween and gorge myself sick as I look at the marvelous things coming out for the holiday season. Seriously, is it all ready Halloween? Have we stepped into the holiday season already? The time flew. Fashion always makes time go by so quickly, as you keep living through  another season of eccentric artistic pieces to gawk at. I hope you enjoyed B.O.O week and that your Halloween and weekend is spooktacular.

Have a Fabulous One!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty Dayz: Smolder Chocolate Smokey Tutorial

It's a beauty day! I love beauty dayz blog posts, especially when they include a fun video tutorial. The main purpose for this video day was to showcase a tutorial that featured orange. At first I was going for orange and black--Halloween themed colors--but then thought orange and brown would be just as lovely. If not more so, since black is a little harsh for some. This video was chosen because it's both dramatic and simple. I know that doesn't make any sense but you'll know what I mean after you watch it. Enjoy, and don't forget to leave comments.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Outlandish Accessories

If there's one area where I feel designers have become too safe it's accessories. Those bold statement pieces that add an instant touch of chic, glamor, and courageousness too an outfit aren't being produced as much. If they are found it's usually at an expensive price and are generally seasonal. But there is one place where audacious accessories can always be found--etsy. The sellers on this website offer some of the most bold pieces one can find. Now not every item in this collection are from there, but most are because it's THE go to place for daring personalized accessories.

Ophelia, Eco-chic headpiece

If you love having a wildly decorated head then The Princess and Unicorn Boutique will give you plenty of options. All the headbands host a magical characteristic, as if one has been invited to a royal dinner in a far off land. Though I may not be able to wear a head band like the above everyday, it's a beautiful fun pieces for days when I want to add a touch of eccentric elegance to an outfit.

lady of mystery lacy cuff

 Here's another lovely piece geared towards the Victorian, Gothic or steam punk audience. Again it has that elegant charm that one doesn't find everyday in other designer collections. I love the way the lace comes out in an almost dress-like fashion. Steampunkgothicvictoria has a number of pretties likes this that speaks to the person who wishes to transported to an era long before their time.

Felted victorian spats Eggplant Pie

 If I was the leader of a Jane Austen book club, I'd make everyone wear a pair of these spats while we discussed our favorite Austen heroin. The spats come in a variety of different colors and sizes from, Rudman  but these are my favorite. 

Maison Martin Margiela Racoon and goat scarf

Now while I don't like the idea of wearing a raccoon or goat, this scarf is an outlandish accessory that deserved to be part of this collection. It is pretty and I assume it to be warm, but it's also over a thousand dollars.


 Love it! These feather gloves are ridiculous in an beautiful kind of way. For the right occasion, and with the right outfit these gloves would make a great addition. Statement pieces like these usually push people away, for being too extreme but for the lovers of the art in fashion it's pieces like these that make the world of fashion worth paying attention to.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Slip Into Outrageous Shoes

"Wow!" "Whoa!" "What!" and expressions of the like, are expected as you look as the shoes below. For some, it was the price tag, which was just as outrageous as the shoe itself, that set me off. For those that love their feet to lead the way into eccentrics, you'll love this collection. Let's leave our boring flats at the door and slip into some outrageous daring design shoes, even if it's only in our imaginations.


dsquared2 skeleton heels

Alexander Mcqueen Titanic Ballerina Pumps

Christian Louboutin Misfit 150 suede and leather sandals
Christian Louboutin Embroided satin shoe Annees Folles

Fashionista Corso Como  

FINSK Pony skin wedge shoe

 Fluevog wearever Mahalo

Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2010 Accessories  

Metallic Suede Fringe Booties

Jeffrey Campbell 'Vee' Rain Boot

Galerijos Nicholas Kirkwood nuotrauka

Nicolas Kirkwood Melting Heel  


Yves Saint Laurent Court Shoes

Which one is your favorite?

Photo Credits: dsquared2 skeleton & Kirkwood Melting heel courtsey of
Omelle courtesy of

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bold Beautiful Bags

When choosing the items for this entire week's collection, the main goal was to find items that had that "whoa" factor. All these bags are extreme in one respect or the other. Now whether or not I'd carry the bag is an entirely different matter. Though with the extreme price tag that accompanies some of these bags, it would be a shame to not use them. For me it's about the boldness and creativity that they exhibit. These aren't just handbags and purses they personify a type of personality. And I'm sure you'll be able to spot one that's brings out your inner personality. 

Mary Frances Accessories What A Hoot Shoulder Bag
This shoulder bag is a hoot! Ha ha, sorry, but you knew it was coming; the name is so appropriate. But honestly, this bag is an incredible accessory. On the one hand it looks like an awesome novelty piece for the bagista, but on the other hand it looks like a really bad final design school project. It's a borderline creepy the way it looks as if it's staring at you, and many will find it hideous, but I give it credit for being so bold.  The downside is how tiny it actually is. What does one wear with such a bag? Well, stay away from strapless since the chain isn't the most comfortable but maybe a cute t-shirt and some ziggy zip cut-off shorts will blend nicely with this bag.

Luxe Day Dreamer Day Chiffon

It's so bright, so pink, so frilly; it's like a Palm Srings prom party. All I need is a small yappy dog and Paris Hilton and I can have an outrageous girls night out. Even though it is so bright, I like this bag. It makes me happy. It's such a "girls just wanna have fun" bag.

Mary Frances Accessories Crystal Palace Clutch

I love this clutch. It's definitely something for the glamorous girl that likes to get to noticed. And with all the beading, gems, and embellishments on this clutch you're sure to turn a few heads. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Nico Lamb Bag
What's black and white and furry all over? This shoulder bag should be a winter jacket. It looks so warm. It also looks like someone's pet. This bag features best across the shoulder over a form fitting top and deep colored skirt. You could also do a  graphic tee, dark denim skinny jeans, and long leather boots.

Pratesi Guitar Backpack w/MP3 Speaker Connection Brown

I'm a backpack sort of girl. So when I saw this, my eyes kind of lit up. This guitar shaped backpack actually comes with MP3 speaker connections. Obviously you have to be someone who really likes kitschy accessories to want to sport this bag on an average day.

Custom Gothic Corset Bag - SIREN

This bag wins for my pick of trick-or-treat bags. It's quite the sexy bag. Beanbun, offers a number of Gothic and Halloween fun items. The corset bag comes in a variety of different colors and they are custom made. I love handmade items like this that are bold and edgy.

Alexander McQueen Quilted clutch

This quilted clutch is sold out, which stuns me a little considering that it's over a two thousand dollars 0_o *gasp* However, it is a Mcqueen and he is dead, so maybe people bought it as a collector's item. I do wish I owned it. Not to collect, but to actually use. It's a beautiful bold bag, perfect for this spooky time of year.

I'm sure there are a number of bold bags that I passed by so please do share a link if you know of one that should have made the list.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

B.O.O Week

Ever notice that some of the things that come down the runway are bit too "costumey?" Inspired by Halloween, I wanted to dedicate a week to some of the most Beautiful, Outrageous, and Outlandish. (B.O.O) accessories fashion has to offer. Now's the time to proudly to breakout some of those items that you can't wear on a average day. This week is for those who dare to be bold with their fashion sense and love the extreme and sometimes pretentious side of fashion.

About the set: If I passed, I'd like my loved ones to bring me high fashion items. Now there's a grave yard worth haunting.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Enjoy Weekends: Senses Reeling

I love the silk blend jacket and the tiered tank in this set. They're two pieces I wish were part of my wardrobe. I love outfits where each item has personality and stands on its own. This weekend is all about work for me. I hope you are more fortunate and can actually get out there and enjoy it. If I didn't have to stay home, I'd head into town and go to a nice lounge with a couple friends. This outfit looks like it should be seen in a nice trendy lounge. I can't remember the last time I dressed up with a group of my friends and just went out to paint the town red.

Have a great weekend ^-^

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Falliday

I need a holiday, but midterms won't let me. My prehistory class is an overload of work. I don't mind it so much since I like the class, but for a junior level course it is a bit much. I'd like to have a sit down with the course organizer to let them know that a 30 page paper is excessive to say the least. Thus I apologize in advance if the time in between my post gets longer.
Since I can't have a holiday, I thought I should have a falliday--a day to celebrate the most inspiring season. Fall gets me revved up, despite the fact that everything is dying around me--the leaves, the flowers in the garden, my social life. Fall is just beautiful, and I feel beautiful during this time of year. The weather has been accommodating too, allowing me to go out and participate in all the things this magical season has to offer.

My nail polish matched my dress. Unplanned I swear. It's actually two different polishes mixed together.

I hope you are enjoying the season too.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eccoci Celebrates Breast Cancer Surviors

October is breast cancer awareness month and many companies participate by offering deals and incentives such as donating a dollar for every promotional item sold. It’s a great way to raise money for the cause. Eccoci however, took the cake for their efforts to raise awareness. From October 14-17 the downtown location in my city celebrated breast cancer survivors. I had the pleasure of being there on the 14th to photograph pictures of a mini fashion show that was held in the store. The models were a lovely bunch of survivors who were not  only humorous and entertaining but also very inspiring.

The ladies chose two outfits to model in, had their makeup done, and then strutted their stuff for me. Eccoci also provided lunch for the ladies and myself and allowed all the ladies to take home their outfits. The manager, who is the woman behind this brilliant heartwarming idea, is one of the sweetest people I know. A survivor herself, this cause hits home for her and perhaps for that reason she could truly relate and empathize with the women.

I love photography in general, but this was a different kind of shoot. For one, it didn’t feel like work. It was more like a store party that I was so fortunate to be invited to. We were trying on clothes, taking pictures and sharing stories. I was truly sad to see the day end. But as a thank you for doing the shoot,  I got to take three pieces from the store home! I chose a dressy winter coat, a beautiful skirt and creatively crafted cardigan.The manager also included a belt.

Eccoci sells dressy items like great evening skirts and dresses. But they also have comfy cardigans and well tailored shirts and pants that are essentials for any wardrobe.

Eccoci is also having a breast cancer awareness online promotion that you can check out. It includes free shipping, an extra 40% of your entire purchase and coupons to use in store. And don't forget to bring in a bra when you visit Eccoci to get a free belt or scarf!

I had a great time being there and give my best to the strong inspiring women all over the world that are battling breast cancer. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Premium Godet Check Trench

Why is this godet check trench coat so fabulous? Wae?! (why in Korean). Even without the added checked print in the pleats, this coat would look lovely, but the creative addition makes it look that much more special. It looks quite vintage to me--perhaps it's the classic trench coat color and style--and I love that the check print is even on the collar. If it wasn't for the classic trench coat flaps at the top, this coat could easily look like a dress. I was a little stumped at first about accessorizing it. You could get away with playing up the check print. I felt that might be too much, so I went in another direction and just decided to add some simple, but cute items to make this coat look that much more fabu.


Michael Antonio Women's Melanie Pump
The SAK Silverlake Flap 

Gang Hat

Friday, October 15, 2010

Enjoy Weekends: Dim Sum Girl

I'm really craving dim sum. Yesterday, was a brilliantly sunny day. I went out with a cardigan just in case the weather cooled down. Boy did it ever. Looking out my window this morning, with the flakes of snow twirling around in the stiff cold wind, makes me wonder if I didn't just dream up yesterday. The warm spell is over but in memory of it I wanted to share this set. I love the floral dress and being a gloves person it's always nice to have that outfit that would look that much cuter with a sweet looking pair of gloves. Whether it snowy or sunny have a wonderfully stylish weekend.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dining in style at the Gypsy

I am a restaurant snob. When I go out to have a dining experience, I expect just that—an experience. Not just great food, in a clean environment, with nice staff but a moment I want to share with others. The Gypsy Bistro Wine Bar in Calgary offered me just that. Now I’m not a food critic, so I’m not writing to you as one. Taste is a subjective thing and trying the food is the only way to make any kind of real judgment. I am however a style seeker, and the Gypsy Bistro provides a very stylish experience.

Upon entering, one feels transported out of the city and into a cozy European eatery.  However, the wooded floors, which are very much characteristic of Calgary, will keep locals still feeling at home. The décor is très magnific, bringing you a cozy, inviting, and romantic atmosphere. Gypsy can be regarded as one of Calgary’s perfect date or special occasion spots.

The beautiful fresh flowers in the entrance, the chandelier in the main dining area, the brocade-ish fabric on the chairs, and even the chess board by one of the tables, all adds to this tasteful dining experience. The Gypsy is all sophistication and class and speaks to those who understand that sense of taste goes beyond their pallet.

But one doesn’t go out to eat simply to look at the furniture. Food is first and foremost on the list of a dining experience.

The Gyspy serves continental cuisine and offers an extensive variety. The food is fresh, homemade, and flavorful. I ordered the chicken and country ham sandwich with mango, which came with a pear salad (I don’t remember the exact name). I was skeptical about ordering because I don’t like mangos. However, rather than taking away from the dish, they added a unique texture and flavor. The salad was delicious with a sweet dijon dressing that pulled the whole meal together.

My friend had the lamb and dried cranberry burger and according to her, it was probably the best lamb burger she had had at a restaurant. She said the lamb was moist; the cranberry and gorgonzola cheese set off the flavors, and the meal makes her list of last meals.

For me, it was the mango cheese cake that warranted the menu a high rating. It was the most decadent cheese cake I’ve ever had. Unlike the solid, often heavy, cheesecakes offered by other venues, the Gypsy’s is smooth, creamy and light.  It tasted as if t had been whipped a thousand times, giving it an airy feeling but still with all the flavors.

I don’t drink, but those that do will find the wine list beguiling. And the friendly staff is well informed about the menu and offered suggestions.

Dwaine, the manager, was nice enough to take some time to show me around the venue and give me a little bit more insight into the restaurant. This is not normally done, especially during the lunch hour.

The food is a bit pricey, but this isn’t a fast food restaurant so the prices fit the courses, and I wish they had another cake on the dessert menu, but other than that the Gypsy makes for a very stylish dining experience.

Address: 817 1st SW Calgary AB
Phone #: 403-263-5869