Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March faves

Surprisingly, March didn’t feel as long as I thought it would. March always seems to drag for me but in one quick blink I was seeing April moving in. Seeing as how March is one of my least favorite months, I can’t help being a little happy to see it go. But I won’t deny there were some undeniable product favorites this month.

1. Milk of magnesiaPhillips' Fresh Mint Milk of Magnesia Liquid, 26oz Bottle (Pack of 2) This item is going to get it’s own video review in the days to come. Milk of magnesia is a liquid used as an antacid and laxative but it is also a highly raved about skin care product. I knew this for a while but never tried until this month. Folks…my skin is one happy camper! I’m not sure why it works so well but in the past few weeks my skin has seen a great reeducation in breakouts, blemishes and pores. I use before bed and after I clean my face during the day. If I was stranded on an island and could only take one skin care product, this cheap and easily accessible item would definitely be my pick.

2. Nivea milk and honey lip glossNivea A Kiss of Milk & Honey  Smooth and long lasting, this is one lip gloss that raises a pain attack in me when I misplace it. I like how it doesn’t have any “sensation” but works great. It goes on easy, lasts for hours, and is very moisturizing. The taste is mild and can be worn under or on a lipstick without taking over.

5. Large vintage bags. All month long I wanted a big bag. I’m a not a big bag kind of girl. I prefer clutches and I do need lots of room I opt for a backpack. But when I kept seeing those large brown vintage bags I couldn’t help but want one. Luckily I found one in a thrift store that I love. It’s quite large, clearly made for travel, but the color and style are a vintage classic.

4. Jung-an Korean Herbal face mask. While I didn’t find this product to do anything dramatic to my face (granted I only used it once) I did enjoy using it. It’s an inexpensive face mask you can get at walmart that makes for a gentle spa day at home. It made me sleepy and calm and didn’t have any unpleasant order. I’d buy it again just to relax with.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Burberry prorsum coats BEIGE

For the girl that likes to make an edgy statement without being too bold this trench coat is for you. Burberry had a bit of fun with this trench coat and brought a contemporary edge to a classic design. A cocktail dress and some patent leather heels would solidify your touch-girl edgy look.

 Pour La Victoire Women's Irina 1 Platform Pump,Black Soft Patent,8 M US


Pour La Victoire Women's Irina 1 Platform Pump,Black Soft Patent


Bold Cocktail Ring

Friday, March 25, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: I Miss Spring

I made this set when I was going through the winter blues. The clouds above seemed to sprinkle down a never ending shower of snow flakes. The white covered trees and the icy roads made me feel as through I would never again see another flower blossom. I saw the dress and thought, I want spring! I want to wear that dress while the warm sun kisses my skin. I want to pick wild flowers, and dance under a shower of spring rain, not winter snow. My wish has not been fully granted...I don't possess the dress, but a springtime rain dance may be in session quite soon. If you are enjoying the warm weather, I envy you. May you always have sunny stylish days.

Have a sunny weekend

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stone Trench Cape

It's spring time! This means we are officially in trench coat season and yours truly couldn't be more excited. One of the reasons for this excess enthusiasm is because of this stone buckle belted trench cape. It is darling!
A one of a kind trench item, this one is a must have for the trench lover. It is hip length, double breasted, and in a fabulous dark brown color. I just love it!

High Fashion Two-Tone Front Pocket Shoulder Bag

Rosegold Women's Malo Ankle Boot

Heart Cutout Floppy


Monday, March 21, 2011

Cute Ulzzang Hats

Spring has sprung, or at least it's on its way. We can now ditch our toques and earmuffs and crown our heads with cute spring hats. I love hats, and enjoy incorporating them into my outfit. Many times I have obtained style ideas from ulzzangs who make great use of hats in their outfits.

Lanvin Chiffon flower-embellished straw hat

Now while this hat from Lanvin does remind me of summer more than spring, I'd wear it in either season. The the embellished straw edge makes it unique from other straw hats out this season. I could see it topping off a peach summer dress or cut off  with wedge shoes. 

Brixton Alana Hat - Women's Taupe Straw/Cream Grosgrain Band,

This hat is a lot more typical, as far as star floppy hats go, and I like that about it. It's classic and versatile. I also really like the color as it would allow one to add it as an accessory to a number of differ colors, prints, and textures.

Patchwork Plaid Flat Cap Multicolor

This hat looks to be a popular one among ulzzangs this season. I adore the colorful fun that it has going on and would love to pair it up with a cute casual spring outfit.   

 Straw Spring Fedora Hat - NATURAL (1SZ)

This simple and chic fedora will never go out of style and with the 70s style making a comeback this spring fashion season you're bond to see a lot of them. This one from bebe is a great spring option and inexpensive at just $12.95 on amazon, making it the most affordable hat on this list.

Top your look with a cute ulzzang hat this season.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Peacock

We started this week with a poem. So I thought what better way to end the tribute to this fashionable bird then with another by Jenna Joslyn 

How proud is the peacock,
unfolding his fan?
How many doors are locked?
I will enter, if I can.

You see me as a peacock;
my beauty broken down.
I grow old, my body mocks
I will not go to town.

So I see you looking down at me, perched from above.
Take this longing, broken beauty; for the one you love.

Two sets accompany this poem because I could not settle on just one. It also shows that the peacock print is versatile enough for an elegant evening look, or a chic day look. I hope you enjoyed the week and that you will don on your own feathery delights this springtime.

Have a beautiful weekend!  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Peacock Accessories

Naturally, when I think of peacock fashion I think of accessories. This may be due to the fact that peacock earrings are everywhere and are a widely used "dress up your outfit" item. If you don't have a pair of those earrings yourself, I'm sure you've at least seen them on someone. But the list of precious peacock accessories doesn't end with earrings, in fact it doesn't begin with them. Kicking off this peacock parade is one of my favorite items.

peacock chair

 It was love at first sight. This chair has all the elegance and charm of a real peacock. And even though it isn't a fashion accessory, it's extremely stylish. 

And now for a few earrings 

Engraved Peacock Disc Earrings

Peacock Feather Earring

Peacock Multi Feather Earring


Peacock Feather and Rhinestone Earring

Woven Peacock Feather Earrings


Peacock Earrings - Pewter - 1.5'' Height

Peacock Rings

Peacock Ring


Peacock Print Ring

Cute Beautiful Colorful Crystal Rhinestone Peacock Ring

A bracelet or two

Peacock Stretch Wristwear

Marie's Fancy Multi Color Crystal Peacock Bracelet


And of course we can't forget our hair.

Natural Baby Peacock Feather Fascinator

Midnight in October Black Peacock hair piece

Vintage - Peacock Bobby Pin


 If I could, I'd make this list even longer. Narrowing it down just to the items above was a challenge. All of them are unique and special in their own way, like the vintage bobby pin which is a rare treasure and the peacock ring which is way out of my price range (1000 + dollars) but has it's own magical charm. 

Which ones are your favorites?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pretty Peacock Purses

When I look at the handbags down below the song "some enchanted evening" comes to mind. All of them are beautiful and elegant. I stayed away from anything too modern when picking these purses. For some reason, I found that vintage did more justice to the peacock than the many trendy pieces found today. Not that trendy items aren't elegant, but in looking at the peacock I saw a work of artistic beauty, almost galleryish,  that is so often found in one of kind, handmade items.

Deep green peacock coin purse

 The first in the peacock collection is a coin purse from peppermintdesigns. Ariane Dreysse has done an amazing job with this coin purse. The gold bow accentuates the sweetness of it and the peacock design make it unique and rich looking.

Peacock Silk Kimono Fabric Clutch/Purse


 So much work went into this handwoven, hand-painted, and hand-dyed clutch. Everything about it is beautiful. The cherry blossoms, the regal image of the peacock, the silk fabric, all pull together into a solid work of art. It comes from puck513 on etsy and it is just one of the many beautiful clutches that shop has to offer. 

Peacock inspired bridemaid clutch

I wanted to include at least one purse with a peacock feather. But they were hard to find.
Luckily, bellafiore2009 had this lovely one. I love the flower pattern that's been done with the feathers and how it pops off the clutch.

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