Thursday, April 29, 2010

Remembering McQueen

Of all the fashion designers that have glazed the glossy pages of fashion magazines and pushed models down  runways donning  their collection, the one that made a real impression on me was Alexander McQueen. While other members of the fashion and style industry were creating clothes, McQueen was creating fantasy.  So when I found out that he had passed away on February 11, 2010 I wondered if all my far out fashion dreams would die too.

I don't remember where I was exactly when I first learned of his existence, but I remember the picture and the feeling it gave me. The vogue magazine was featuring a spread of his gowns courtesy of Oscar night. I remember looking down and thinking, if these are clothes, what the heck have I been wearing all this time! It was the first time where the person behind the clothes mattered to me, and not just because I liked his clothes, I liked the presence the women in them portrayed.

Suddenly "femininity" had a new definition for me. It wasn't all pink bows and cute curls. It was confidence. And lets be honest, you have to be someone of great confidence to pull off some of the outlandish designs Alexander has put out over the years.

Alexander McQueen isn't just picky about the way he makes his clothes, but about who he lets showcase them on the runway. He tends to use models that are proudly gay or proud supporters. He himself was never shy about his sexuality calling himself a "big fat queer" in more than one of his interviews. And has admitted that he makes clothes with his lesbian friends in mind. But it wasn't because these women were gay that McQueen opted for them. They were confident.

They didn't necessarily have the type of beauty pinned on cover girl models, but when watching them walk down the runway their head turning potential surpassed most pretty faces. I wanted to be one of those models. To exude the same power and strength they did. Not because I was in a great designer but because I was doing something most designers don't give their customers permission to do--dress for themselves.  

Now the closest I've gotten to his clothes was being able to model a belt once for a fashion show. And at that time his name didn't mean anything to me. Now of course I'm screaming, "I modeled a McQueen!!!"

 To say Alexander is my only style inspiration is a unfair to everything else that moves me to dress the way I do. But he somehow gets me. For example, I am currently writing a novel series about celestial angels and demons. Something I started last fall. My characters attire is greatly inspired by Byzantine culture. Yesterday, I was browsing to see what the designers were coming out with for fall this year and saw that McQueen has nailed the fashions I imagine in my book. He also got some of his inspiration from Byzantine :)
Talk about a great fashion connection.

I morn the loss of a fashion king, and doubt anyone will truly be able to take over his empire, but in keeping his memory alive I will continue to dream and dress beyond the rack, beyond mainstream acceptance, and even beyond my own preconceived notions.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Fashion Showers

The weather has been on and off, so snap shots of random people have not been encouraging.  Luckily my sister had a fun collection of spring clothes that were camera pleasing. This time, I decided to join her. I don't usually take pictures of my own wardrobe. I simply get dressed, not worrying too much if my clothes are cover page material. Most people are like me, in that they may like their outfits but aren't concerned if they're picture perfect. But what if we all were. Imagine if everyone got dressed with the hope that someone would stop them and say "You look great, can I take a picture." 

My sister in a non-typical gardening outfit.

 If only flower gardens actually grew shoes

I love that floral skirt my sister's wearing. It looks great with the belt.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Haul Video

When the snow was still on the ground, I was prancing through the shops hoping to kick start spring by buying a heap load of spring items.
Thus a video was made to showcase my spring haul. Most of what I bought was on sale. The dress in the beginning is my new favorite and my official spring dress. I also share a shopping tip at the end of the video.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Lovin

By the time the second last week of April came around I realized there were a number of things I either fell in love with or was still in love with. I’m not a heavy journalist, and don’t always go out of my way to keep track of my life, so in an attempt to remember some of the things that make me smile from month to month I’ll be chronicling it here. For one, my paper mound is getting ridiculous and I actually read my own blog.
April brought a lot of spring time warmth into my life. There was a feeling of causality and easy metropolitan fun. I noticed many of my April faves were kick starting spring and I hope May will continue the pattern.
My April Faves

Lush Cosmetics
Yes, I'm still in love with lush. And my favorite products this month were the french kiss bubble bar and the Dorothy bubble bar.

You can see demos here:

Ann Marino Shoes
For their comfort, style and budget friendly options, Ann Marino was my shoe pick this month.

 For Audrey By China Glaze

I know I'm usually raving about O.P.I, but this month china glaze surprised me and made me expand my nail polish horizons. I was wearing all sorts of brands this month. But For Audrey led the color pack. It was more of a sentimental, Audrey love than it was a color love. While it does come close to the Tiffanys box, and does receive a lot of compliments, I like it because it's long lasting, goes on smooth and thick with just one coat and believe that Audrey herself would approve.
I actually have a video that I will post later.

Popsicle mini pops
I was craving creamsicles all month. I'm not sure what the exact name of it is, but the ones with ice cream inside and a chocolate shell were my making up my three course meals. I like the Popsicle brand because they were a respectable size--not too big but filling enough. They're also a better price than many of the other brands.

Belle Epoque Korean Band
 This band makes me want to lay in a daisy field. I know I'll be listening to them for a long time. They're soft melodic tunes, make me happy, dreamy, and calm. I first heard them on the coffee prince soundtrack. They're a Korean band, so I'm not sure what they're saying exactly but they sound good. My favorite song so far is may, which is not found on their album, but on the coffee prince ost.

Have a listen

Coffee Prince Korean Drama

I'm a big Asian drama fan. It's one of my leading hobbies...actually I'm an addict. There are a lot of "good" ones. But "great" ones are smaller in population. Coffee Prince however is a blast and a half. I was actually really sad when I finished it. It's basically about a girl that everyone thinks is a boy due to her lack of "femininity," and the guy that ends up falling for "him." I wasn't eager to watch it at first, but now I can't help wanting to see it several times over. 

For fun, check out some of the first episode

Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to recognize a fraudulent offer

Getting the Prize Pictures, Images and PhotosA sweepstakes is an advertising or promotional tool in which prizes are awarded to participating consumers/members by chance, with no purchase or "entry fee" required in order to win. Unfortunately, not all games and sweepstakes are fair, so it is important to be alert and know what to look for to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. Below are 11 ways to recognize fraudulent activity

1. The deal seems too good to be true: Prizes usually match with the companies doing the sweepstakes. Thus a small candle company probably won’t be giving a free vacation.

2. You’re the winner of a contest you don’t recall entering. This is a classic one that scam artists use. If you get an email claiming you’re the winner but you don’t remember entering, the offer is by all means a scam. All legitimate contests make sure their contestants verify or consent to being part of the contest; they also keep track of contestants and do not sell your information. If you didn’t say enter me in some manner, ignore the offer.

3. You’re asked for money to claim the prize, example, to pay for taxes, shipping, or processing. Sweepstakes are supposed to be one hundred percent free. If anyone asks you to pay money at any point be skeptical.

4. You’re told this is the final day for the promotion so you should order now. Again you should not have to pay money to be part of a sweepstakes.

5. You are offered a free demonstration in your home. This is usually a selling tactic. Once the person is in your home, you’ll be talked into buying. It is also a clever way for con artists to get your home address.

6. Someone else offers to pick up your cheque. Believe it or not this method is used, especially on seniors. They are told that if they are unable to get the prize themselves, someone will get it for them. This is usually a way to get your banking information and home address.

7. You are asked for your banking information. A reputable business will not ask for this, unless you are making a purchase and using that specific method of payment.

8. You are asked to call a 1-900 number. There is always a charge to call a 1-900 number, so if you are told to call that number to collect your prize, be skeptical.

9. You are asked to send cash or money order: Again, never pay anyone to join a sweepstakes.

10. The person calling refers to you by your first name and asks you a lot of personal or lifestyle questions. The caller is trying to become your friend and trying to find out if you are lonely and willing to talk in order to get information they may be able to use against you.

11. You must make a purchase to enter the contest. Remember, no purchase is necessary in order to enter a sweepstakes, and the chances of winning are the same whether you order or not.

Contests are fun, when they are legitimate. Use the tips above to help recognize a fraudulent offer.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Via Spiga Double Breasted Belted Spring Trench Coat With Pleated Back

As much as I love fun funky trench coats, sometimes it's just nice to go with a classic. Via Spiga's is both traditional and stylish. I'd be hard pressed to find someone that wouldn't be able to work it successfully. There aren't a lot of details with it. It's a just a good old fashioned, water resistant, pleated back trench coat. This coat looks great from the back. Click the blog title to have a look.

BCBGeneration Women's Lory High Heel Dress Sandal
Mobile Edge The Milano - Small

 Fossil Genie Hoops

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

French Kiss Bubble Bar review and demo

The French kiss bubble bar from lush is an adorable little bubble bar that is packed with French oils to help sooth your skin. I bought one a little while ago and here the pros and cons relating to it.


Smells nice: The French kiss bubble bar is made with lavender oil and that is the leading scent. There is even a little lavender stem to decorate it. When used in the tub the scent, while mild, is calming and soothing. It’s a very feminine, dreamy bath bomb that would be great in the evening.

Easy to use: This is a very soft bubble bar. It’s easy to cut in half and there is no glittery, greasy, confetti mess to clean up. Some bubble bars can take a while before the bubbles start forming, but this one works right away.

Skin softening: While I didn’t find this to be a very moisturizing bubble bar, the French kiss is softening. It leaves your skin feeling silken soft.


Doesn’t last long
: Neither the scent or the effects of the bubble bar last very long. After about 15min I could barely smell it (which may be good if you don’t like the smell) and after an hour my soft skin was starting to feel dry. The bubbles also disappear quickly, not giving you enough time to truly enjoy them. For those of you who like your hour long baths, you’ll most likely be sitting in a bubble-less tub long before then.

Crumbly: Handle this bubble bar with care. Because it is so soft, it easily crumbles.

Expensive: This is not a budget buyer’s bubble bar. The little thing costs almost 9 dollars. If it lasted longer, I’d be gritting my teeth less while purchasing, but unfortunately it doesn’t. Thus, it’s not exactly worth the price.

All in all, I like the French kiss bubble bar. It’s very calming and a great bar to relax with. The smell isn’t strong so you can easily cocktail it with other stronger bath bombs and bubble bars. I wish this cutie of a bubble bar lasted longer.

Check out a demo of the French kiss bubble bar below 

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sonia Trench Coat

Adorable-ness! I saw this trench coat a while ago and have been wanting to post it for quite some time. If I had to choose one spring trench coat, I think this would be it. I love that it looks like a dress and the huge pockets in front. I'm a pocket fan mostly because I don't like carrying bags. These pockets look like they could hold everything in my purse. I also like how it's a traditional trench coat color. I think it makes it ever more cute without being too "try hard." The sad fact though is this style is no longer available, but there are many other popular Sonia trench coat styles out now. I however, will remain true and loyal to this one. 

Mozaic LX 4GB (Pink) Refurbished

 Coach Signature Zorra Pink Logo Sneakers


Mozaic LX 4GB (Pink) Refurbished

Senor Cloud Bag

Coach Signature Zorra Pink Logo Sneakers 

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Almost at a hundred posts

I’ve only had my blog for about 3 months and I’m already nearing a hundred posts. I still have 20 posts to go but I will be celebrating the milestone with a contest.

Yes you read that right, free stuff is in the future. The contest will be for subscribers only however, so if you’re not a subscriber, now would be a good time to do that.

I’m not sure what the prize will be yet, and I still have several posts to think about it. Something from lush would be ideal since I am a lushie; there are several posts on this blog reviewing and recommending products from that company, but there are dozens of options.

I love cash prizes myself, so I’m definitely leaning towards that.
Or you could tell me what you would like.
Thanks to those that have already subscribed, and I hope for your continued support. In the mean time, I should get writing so I can get to the one hundred post mark sooner.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Soft coeur (the honeymooner) massage bar review

The soft couer massage bar, also known as the honeymooner massage bar, is definitely one of my favorites. There are a number of pluses with it. However, it does have a couple flaws. Here are the pros and cons of the soft couer massage bar.


Smells great:  This heart shaped massage bar smells like love. Actually it smells like honey, vanilla and chocolate. It’s a great combination of scents that makes me both hungry and dreamy. No one scent stands out and that’s what I like about it. The scents mingle together beautifully to create, what I feel is, one of the best smelling products out there.

Moisturizing:  The soft couer can be a good replacement for lotion because it is just as moisturizing. It left my skin feeling soft and silken.

Tasty: This massage bar has real chocolate in it; making it not only a good beauty product, but an edible one. The entire massage bar is edible. This makes sense as it was created with couples in mind. The massage bar is actually meant to be licked off.


Messy: This is probably not the most fun massage bar for singles. Once you get to the chocolate center, if you don’t have anyone to lick it off, you can end up with a mess on your skin, clothes and sheets.

Too small: This is a rather small massage bar, especially considering how much it costs. If you use it often, it won’t last you that long, compared to some of lushes other massage bars.

For its great smell, and skin softening ability, this massage bar ranks high on my list. I would love if it was bigger, but it’s a great option for playful couples.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Smooph Ruffle Trench Coat

Right off the bat I find this to be an odd trench coat. However, as a ruffle lover and a purple lover I do find some appeal to this coat. It would work for an evening out, where I know I get to take it off soon. Am I in love with this coat? No. But I can't say I hate it either.

  • Trench coat
  • Long sleeves; ruffles on cuffs
  • Fold down collar; ruffle trim
  • Zipper closure; tie closure; ruffle details down the front
  • 100% polyester



 14k Gold Bonded Black Onyx Cocktail Ring with Clear CZ Accented Stones in Gold Tone in Sizes 5-10 with 9 Total Carat Weight

Zoe Adams Beaded Rhinestone Wristlet (Black/Gold) 








Nina Women's Culver Kitten Heel Peep-Toe

14k Gold Bonded Black Onyx Cocktail Ring with Clear CZ Accented Stones in Gold Tone in Sizes 5-10 with 9 Total Carat Weight 

 Zoe Adams Beaded Rhinestone Wristlet (Black/Gold)

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