Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Forever Seventeen With Betsey Johnson

Enter the world of Betsey Johnson where it's always prom night, you always make homecoming queen, and looking good doesn't have to be serious business. Betsey Johnson speaks to the teenager in all of us--carefree and beautiful.

I couldn't help but love nearly all the items in the Downtown Calgary location. The store will be celebrating it's 1 year come November and I'm not so secretly wishing for an invitation to the party.

Oh but what to wear! The options seem almost endless. The store layout is wonderful for one's senses. Uncluttered, with everything in view, it's no wonder I felt ADD in there.

Another reason to check out this location is the customer service. Janelle Courchesne and Ally Chang were down-to-earth and the definition of Betsey girls--playful and sweet. Helpful and obliging to all the customers, I credit the blissful shopping experience to them. They were kind enough to take some photos of me in some of the new Betsey Johnson dresses.

I don't remember the name of the first dress, but the second one is  Film Noir and the third is Evening Peacock Flair

Ideally I would have loved a dress, but logic made me think twice. Where would I wear it to? Then I thought, who cares! I could simply sit in it while I blogged. Though in all honesty, one doesn't buy a dress like that if they don't plan to be seen.

The shoes were to die for. However, Betsey doesn't have half sizes and I have a rule about only buying perfect fit shoes.

Instead, I went with a belt. Stunning isnt it ;)

If you are in the Calgary area, visit the Betsey girls and check out the sales.

Address: 203 8th Ave Southwest Calgary
Phone:(403) 261-8803

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