Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Faves

I was off to a great start as January began, but near the end I felt myself tiring. Maybe things will pick up again next month. However, the new year brought new treasures into my life. I shopped more than I should have, but I couldn't help myself. I desired so many things and gained a number of favorites.

Sun Gold Sunbutter: I'm allergic to peanut butter, but I like the taste. Thanks to Sun Gold's Sunbutter, I can have the nutty taste without the ill feeling side effects. Sunbutter is a spread made with sunflower seeds, and though there is a sunflower taste to it, it mostly tastes like peanut butter. It's a great substitute and perfect for those that want to eat peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter cookies and all the other treats usually made with peanut butter. Sunflowers boast a number of health benefits such as vitamin E and lucky for more, I'm not allergic.

Lush Milky Bar Soap. I will never understand why Lush discontinued this product and made it a retro item. I love this soap! It smells lovely, mild but sweet. It has a great lather and it is also moisturizing. It is perhaps one of my favorite Lush soaps, and the only thing I don't like about it is that I can only get it online. I'm definitely buying a stack of them next time I shop from the website.

Aldo fold over zip bag. This bag is my new bossom buddy. I have a review below. But in summary, it looks great, makes my stuff feel secure, and goes with virtually everything in my wardrobe.

Yesstyle. I finally got a chance to do a massive haul from the yesstyle website. For those that don't know, yesstyle is a website that offers Asian fashions. By this I mean, the brands offered are from Japanese, Tawainese, Korean and Chinese designers. I browse the website regularly, but it wasn't until this month that I got a chance to purchase anything from there. I pratically bought a new wardrobe! You can see my haul below and see pics of all the items along with a review by visiting this page. I loved everything I bought and will be buying from the site again.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Enjoy Weekends: Grey Gaiety

Grey Gaiety

For those in sunny climates, how I wish I was where you are. My desire is to be in a place as sunny and cheerful as the ochre petepan collar dress. But my reality is as grey as the bow booties. I suppose grey isn't so bad though, as long as you add a little splash of color. My weekend plans consist of watching a show called Anna-san no omame which is Japanese for The Best Friend of Beautiful Anna. It's a very humerous Japanese drama about a rather concieted girl. Then I am possibly seeing a friend of mine. And of course Sunday nights are reserved for Downton Abby. I love that show.

Regardless of whether your skies are grey or sunny, I hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bag Trend: Fold over zip bag

If you like bags that are roomier than they look, cross body bags, and a style that keeps your valuable secure then the fold over zip bag may be a trend suited to your needs. I don't usually jump on the bus of bag trends. But these bags offer a number of benefits. I scoured scores of online shops looking for a resonably priced one with all the features I like, and to my luck I found on offline in ALDO.
 The one from Aldo was $45. I love it! I can wear both as a shoulder bag and a cross-body bag. I also love how easy it is to dress with.

Here are some other fold over zip bags I considered

High Fashion 4807 Cross-Body

Carry Merrily Backpack

kate spade new york Cobble Hill Leslie Satchel


Deux Lux Mini Messenger Bag


Deux Lux Mini Messenger Bag

Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha cross body bag



Friday, January 20, 2012

Enjoy Weekends: Make it an occassion

make it an occasion

This set reminds of a 40s/50s outfit. Simple and stylish, the way the girls in those days dressed. The way they looked made me think they always had somewhere very important and special to go, as if every day was a big occassion worth dressing up for.

I notice modern girls almost have to make an occassion in order to get all dressed up. They buy pretty clothes that don't make enough use of. I see my friend's wardrobe with tons of lovely pieces and ask "why don't you ever wear this?" She shrugs and replies "I have nowhere to wear it to."

I'm not sure why we decided to wait for someone to give us permission to wear our nice clothes, but I think it's a good idea to take a page from the 50s girl's book and dress as if your life is one big amazing occassion.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Short Polly Push Lock Trench Fox Brown Cotton Mix

Mulberry marries tradition and modern very well with this uber stylish trench coat. It features double-row buttons, front pockets and belted-cuff detailing, with a feature push-lock belt inspired by Mulberry's Polly Push Lock bag family for a cute twist on their accessories hardware. It would complete a simple, yet classic look. I however, plan to add a few bold pieces to bring out the modern rather than the traditional.


The necklace in this trench and accessory set is artisticly beautiful. It looks as if it should be in a museum...or around my neck. 


Lola Cruz Women's 161Z30KW Flat

 Michael Michael Kors Medium Bedford Dressy Tote, Vanilla

Mawi Triple Cobra and Box Chain Necklace

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentino Embroidered Light Weight Trench Coat

Wow, was the first word that came to mind when I saw this Valentino embroidered trench coat.The embroidery detail is the main selling point of this trench coat. It is found at shoulders, front and back yoke and waist. I also love the classic shirt collar and how light weight it is. It is made from exclusive Valentino light wieght "MEC" frabic. The coat is simply a work of art and would look great with some equally artsy accessories.

The thing I love about these shoes is that while stylish, they wouldn't steal too much attention away from a main piece such as the trench coat
Kiosk D'Orsay Ruffle Platform Pumps BONE

Kiosk D'Orsay Ruffle Platform Pumps BONE



Tremendous Flirty Fun Ruffle Double Handle 



Romantic headpiece clip Beige Chiffon petals champagne ribbon bow with teardrop plastic gem barrette fascinator

Monday, January 16, 2012

LUSH Website Budget Haul

 Even though I recently went boxing day shopping at LUSH, I had to do another haul because the company introduced their limited edition red dragon soap and I had to get my hands on it. I also wanted to keep myself in line (at least that was the plan) and chose a budget. The budget however was "blank check" giving free reign to shop. Did I shop like a mad woman? You can find out by watching the video.

This was my first time shopping from the and I found the service to be good. My items shipped fast and the items were well packaged. Nothing arrived damged. This surprised me since I have heard horror stories of people recieving items that were not in the best of shape.

The only down side with shopping online for soap is that I didn't get a chance to pick the size or cut I wanted. It's a bit of a gamble where you get whatever piece LUSH gives you. This isn't a big deal for generic looking items, but for items whose selling point are their look (pretty colors, glitter etc) or scent, it can be a let down to recieve an item that is not top standard.

Still, the shopping experince was easy and fun and I didn't have to wait long for my purchase. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Enjoy Weekends: Red and Nude

Red and Nude

I'm not generally a fan of wedge style shoes but I do like the Lanvin Buckle Wedge shoe in this set. The inspiration for this set was the sweater. My mom bought us all "ugly" sweaters for christmas (which were not in the least ugly) and while she was searching for them, I stumbled upon the kintted painted fox jumper and thought it wasn't the most attractive sweater but with a few added pieces it could be. The sweater made me want to combine lighter colors, browns, and nudes with reds.

This would be the perfect outfit for my weekend. I am going to get bubble tea with a friend I haven't seen in a long while and then we are heading to an expo. Casual yet trendy, this outfit makes me want to hit the town on a Saturday.

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

World wide free shipping blog sale

I hate shipping fees. Because of this I am offering free shipping for everying in my blog sale until January 16th. This is a world wide event. Simply leave a comment with the item you want and your paypal address. It is first come first serve. I ship within three days and payment must be made withing 48 hours. Sorry there are no returns. More info can be found in the video along with the items that are up for sale.

Check out my blog sale page for easy shopping. There is a buy now button with each item. 

Thanks for stopping and reading my blog ^_^

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ulzzang Mittens

There are mittens and then there are ulzzang mittens. The latter are far more cute and entertaining. When my sister bought me a pair of fingerless mitts with cute bows, I was inspired to find more stylishly cute mittens for the winter chill. I found myself in a world of cute knits that I had to share with you.

 D&Y Women's Animal Face Fingerless Mittens Gloves

These animal face gloves come in a varity of different colors and animals. Some I couldn't make out what they were supposed to be but they were cute none the less. What you should keep in mind though is that while they fit larger hands, they can be a bit big if you have smaller ones.

Fair Trade Heart Mittens

  These lovely mittens come in 4 other colors, all with a cute heart and contrasting trim. They are a very ulzzang way to accesorize your winter outfit.


Wool mittens with felted Mama duck walking her babies


Oh my cute! These adorable mittens from marysmittens put an instant smile on my face. Her shop has a number of mittens fit for an ulzzang, but these are one of my favorties.

Dot Mittens By People Tree

  I love the bom boms on these mittens. They make what might be average mitts a cute accessory for your ulzzang winter outfit. As for as I know this is the only color they come in. 

Eddie Bauer Nordic Mittens

The pattern on these mittens is lovely. It is a traditional Nordic snowflake. I also like the ribbed cuff, because that helps to keep out the cold. These are a lovely pair of mittens to stay warm in.

Hand knitted owl gloves mittens MADE TO ORDER

 Besides being cute, I also love how you can get these mittens made in your size and color of choice. They come from an etsy shop called sinchukss that makes all sorts of knit items. The moment I saw these I knew I wanted them. 


Sesame Street Cookie Monster Adult Wool Mittens


As a cookie monster fan, I couldn't help but add this to my In The Trenches shop. They are fun and make me smile. I believe there is an elmo one, but I was always more of a cookie monster fan. As well as being cute, they are also wam. Very warm in fact.  

Friday, January 6, 2012

Enjoy Weekends: Textured Tea Party

Textured Tea Party

When I first saw the top in this set, my initial response was to pair it with some dark denim or black skinnies. But that seemed too regular. The top is so unique that it would stand out no matter how it was worked into an outfit. With this in mind, I figured I'd girly it up with lace and cute accessories. They are oddly paired, but I like that isn't typical. It's easy to get into a fashion rut. Pieces like the RODARTE Parquet print blouse can help get you out of a style slump, simply because they are so unique.