Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giving Summer The Boot

It is certainly fall, and with the weather the way it's been here no longer can I milk my mini skirts, at least not without some textured tights (which are very in this season). Accompanying the ensemble would have to be a pair of head turning, note worthy boots to make the fall frost less noticeable.
Kicking of the fall boot parade are these Calvin Klein Women's Rayven Booties  I love the basket weave and the scalloped shaft. It's the kind of shoe that makes people forget that their toes are numb from the cold draft resulting from the open toe.
Chinese Laundry is one of my favorite shoe brands. They just make good boots at affordable prices and these under $40.00 ones are a must have for every woman's closet. Yes they're basic. But classic is so in this year and these boots are classic beauties. 

Harajuku Lovers Ascona Plaid Platform Boot was a love at first site sort of deal for me. They had me thinking of fall the moment I laid eyes on them. Despite their pattern, they actually go with a lot of outfits, whether you want to look quirky and cute, or pop a bland outfit, these shoes always perform well. 

I plan to step into fall in these Rocawear Inna Boots. They aren't pretentious but host a load of personality. These will definitely be showcased with my miniskirt and textured leggings and of course trench, while I crunch leaves on a crisp fall day, sipping a sweet latte--ok now I'm just getting carried away. But you get the jist...I want those boots.

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