Friday, February 24, 2012

Enjoy Weekends: Oh You Stud Wrapup

I hope you enjoyed and were inspired by all the studded items this week. To give you some further inspirtation here are two Enjoy Weekends sets that feature some of the items shown this week

The first one has a trench coat, so obviously I love it. But I also love the way paired the way they paired the studded clutch with the jersey mini.

alexa chung

The second is more casual. Proving that studs work for both dressed up and dressed down looks.

322. Celebrity Style: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Which one is your favorite look?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Studded Accessories

Studded accessories are perfect for those who want to add some edge to their outfit but in a subtle manner. A small studded bracelet or chic belt can make an outfit pop without being too ostentatious. Here are some studded items to add to your collection of accessories. 

Brown Studded Weave Headband

Besides the studs, I love the price of this headband. It's under 10 dollars!

Studded Bow Belt

 Cute and unique, this studded belt would look great on a print dress. 

Leonard Paris Stud Sunglasses

 These oversized vintage style glasses feature gold and silver studs. I love everything about them. 

Reinhard Plank Mexico Blue Wool Hat With Stud Elements

Even without the studs this hat is awesome. But the studs make it extra awesome.

Studded open-weave voile scarf

 What a beautiful scarf. I can see it working in so many ways. 

Portolano Black Leather Studded Driving Gloves


 These gloves come in brown, but I like the black best. It's well suited for the gold studs

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Strut your stuff in studded shoes

As much as I love studded hand bags, studded shoes always come out on top of my studded items list (but accessories are a close second). Studded shoes make a statement and swtich an outfit to showstopping. They grab attention and are fun way to style and outfit. I want to stut down the avenues in these studded shoes.

Beverly Feldman Women's Crystal Bow Bootie


These shoes have so much charm. The crystals, lace and studs upon the sleek suede is a great combination. The shoe is just so...pretty.

Yves Saint Laurent Studded suede platform sandals


These studded sandals are a stunner. The different metals used for the studs makes the shoes sparkle.

Vengeful Bootie With Studded Bow

 Want to make a statement that no one will forget? Betsey Johnson will help you with these wild but stylish shoes.

T-Strap Stud Flats

The studs on the flat go all the around the shoe. A part of me almost wishes the studs were limited to the front of the shoes alone, but they are very nonetheless.


ALAÏA Stud And Zip Ankle Boots

There are no words for these studded ankle boots. All one can do is throw on a strapless dress and go forth and conquer. Something tells me these boots can take on any fashion challenge.


Lovely People Women's Deva With Stud Boot

These are so, dare I say, hipster. The studs add a playfulness and whimsy that makes the shoes that much more loveable.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stunning Studded Handbags

Studded handbags are the perfect way to amp up any look. They aren't alway boldly over the top but they always that extra special something to an outfit. Below are some of my favorite studded bags I found around the web

Valentino Rock Stud Flap Bag in Red

 The bold red add to this bag rock star style. I love the studs going all the way around it. 

ALAÏA Alaia Studded Cutout Suede Clutch

 Gorgeous! This bag would work with practically everything. A t-shirt or cute little black dress. 

Alexander McQueen Wicca Medium Satchel With Studs



The moment I saw this bag it was like a spell was cast on me. It's bewitchingly beautiful. The look of the leather matched with the gold stud accents is a simply magical combination.

Black leather studded mini handbag

This handmade studded beauty stuns. It's an adorable size, perfect for essentials without weighing you down. I would carry out to a rock concert. 

Incredible Black & White Bag with Black Bow and Brass Studs

 I adore this bag. It's absolutely the cutest studded bag I've ever seen. Even the studs can't defy it's cute.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh you Stud!

I have a thing for studded items. They always catch my eye and add instant edge to an outfit. For the entire week, I'll be featuring studded accessories, bags and shoes!

Oh You Stud

Friday, February 17, 2012

Enjoy Weekends: Cause I love you

Cause I love you

This set is for all my readers. I love you for being accessory addicts like me. I love you for being style seekers and of course I love you for reading my blog. Thank you!

Have a great weekend

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mini Lipstick Haul

Audrey Hepburn gave me a new found love of lipstick when she said "a girl just can't read that sort of thing without her lipstick". Whether it's good nes, bad news, or a hot date, lipstick always makes the moment better. When I found I had run out of this much needed beauty item, I took myself to buy a couple new shades of lipstick. One is from Guerlain--a brand whose lipstick I simply adore. The other is from Rimmel. I awalys recommend having a luxury brand of lipstick and a less expensive drugstore brand. Drugstore brands are great for casual outings, trends, and nudes. Highend lipsticks tend to stay on longer so they make great date lipsticks. The video above shows what shades I bought and gies a quick review of each lipstick.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rahua Shampoo and Conditionor Review


In my Glymm Box, I receive a sample of Rahua's shampoo and conditioner. It was enough for one wash, so this review the results I saw after that single use. Rahua is made for color treated hair. I have never dyed my hair so I will not being covering that aspect in my review



Good Lather: Although you don't the lather to get clean hair, it's nice to have. Rahua shampoo lather very nicely. At first it was not lathering much but after I applied more and continued the wash I saw and feel a nice rich lather on my hair.

Clean hair: I went a while before using this product to see how it handled a greasy dirty scalp. It did the job great! My hair literally felt "squeaky clean." My hair doesn't always feel super clean with other shampoos, but this made my scalp feel fresh.

Don't need much: This shampoo gets the job done without having to use half the bottle.


Expensive: At 32 dollars for the 9 oz bottle, Rahua is definitely high end shampoo. It's not a budget friendly option for a student such as myself. Though it is made 100% natural ingredients, I don't think that's a enough excuse to price it so high.

Strips hair of natural oils: My hair felt clean, but it also felt stripped. It claims not to do this, but my hair felt as if someone dragged out all the nutrients. It was a little too clean.

The scent: I did not like the smell of the shampoo. It smelt like wheat, which makes sense since that is one of the ingredients but it also had a smell similar to black licorice, which is a scent I do not care for.


Creamy: I loved the texture and feel of Rahua conditioner. It was creamy, but not too thick. This made it very easy to apply and work through the air.

Can be used as styling cream: Perhaps because of the texture, this conditioner also doubles as a styling product. You simply work a little into your hair while stying and it helps to control the hair.

Tamed the frizz: My hair is quite curly naturally and often frizzy, but Rahua conditioner made my locks a lot more manageable.


Expensive: $34 is not a price I can afford for a conditioner. If this product can be found on sale, then perhaps is a good investment but at it's full price it is out my budget.

The scent: The conditioner smells a lot like the shampoo the only advantage is it milder. But it was I not a scent I liked.

In my opinion, the shampoo claims to do more than it does. At it's current price, I expected more form it. The conditioner did make my hair more manageable but again it's too pricy. The shampoo gets a 3/5 and the conditioner a 3.5/5