Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Inspirations

There are number of things awaking my senses this season. The Vogue September issue, Bath and Body works new scented candles and all the new stores opening in my area. The season's barely began, and I'm already hyper.

Here's what's got me inspired this season    

Parlor Magazine 
This is a local Alberta magazine, that offers details on shops, dinning and entertainment in the area. The cover of the summer issue gave me a burst of ele-gance fashion inspiration.

This Korean girl band has me rethinking my style. The group's style often hosts a lot of leather and statement piece accessories, items that I adore and yet don't wear enough. Their new video features edgy bold wear that would put life into anybody's wardrobe. 

Victoria Beckam
Victoria Beckam is a style icon in her own right She almost always has something on worth noting . For a while I didn't pay that much attention, but this season her line actually has pieces that have caught my eye, like  these skinny jean with zipper detailing.

Gruge Park  
Not everything has to be pristine to be beautiful. There's a much darker side of style that I'd like to explore. I'm not talking goth, but something a little less prep school and little more grunge park.

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