Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Day

Just a quick reminder, today is the last day to enter the Glymm Box Giveaway. The winner will be announced tomorrow, so be sure to enter now for your chance to win!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: The Shy Girl Speaks

The Shy Girl Speaks

Boldly say what you want to say without saying a thing. How? With your style. Whether we mean to  or not our clothes convey a message. They represent us far quicker than any verbal utterings. We say so much about ourselves through our choice of style, sometimes without meaning to. Change your look and you change your tone of communication.

You can go from serious and direct to sweet and poetic with just a few simple changes of accessories. We are not our clothes, this is a fact but our clothes are speaking for us.

This set says, I may be conservative, but I know how to have fun. We have some pops of summer colors and classic blue jeans to give off the message.

I'd like to say...I want those shoes! And have a great weekend.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Glymm August Box

Glymm's August box arrived and was received with full excitement (too bad I was sick when I did this vid). If you are interested, but not fully sure what Glymm is about check out the video below. Or if you have entered my current giveaway for a Glymm Box and want to know what you could win.  

Friday, August 19, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: She doesn't know

She doesn't know

What will tomorrow bring? She doesn't know. But she does know she'll make the best out of it. She'll embrace it. And she'll be looking as stylish as ever when it comes. I certainly hope, you, my dear reader enjoy the mystery of your tomorrow and that you enjoy your weekend.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Interview with esty shop liloshop

A while ago, I came across an etsy shop that captured my heart--liloshop. Owned and operated by Anna, this online vintage shop has a number of quaint pieces that would fit right in to my wardrobe. Focused on accessories, this shop carries lovely items that are simple and handmade. I got the pleasure of interviewing the shop owner, Anna, and found the not only is the shop lovely but the owner is as well.

Tell me a bit about yourself:
My name is Anna and I live, study and work in Vienna, Austria.

Apart from creating what else do you do?

I´m studying theatre, film & media sciences and I'm writing these days my master thesis about fashion videos “the shift from still to moving image. I’m also part of the organizing team of the Vienna fashioncamp ( which will take place on the 10th of September and is a one-day conference about the future of fashion, the change of communication, market and trend spreading.

What are your most cherished handmade items?

That´s a tough question! self-made or shopped? There are so many, but i think my vamoose sailor knot bracelett ( and my grey knitted hat (

Where do you get your inspirations?
I love film noir movies and vintage photographies, through blogging i met so many talented people, they are also very inspiring to me!

What is your favorite summer look?
There is no special summer look I prefer, I love stripes, but not only in the summertime, but actually I got really addicted to the colour mint. Since the last 4-5 years mint is my must-have. I am also posting a mint thing of the day ( feature since June.

Where are your 3 of your favorite places to shop?
etsy, Austrian pop up stores and flea markets, I don´t like these big online shops.

What can you be found doing on a Saturday afternoon?

Thrifting or blogging ;)

How did you find out about etsy and what made you decide selling there?

The first time I heard about etsy, was probably on one of the diy blogs I read two years ago (saidos da concha etsy is very user friendly and I really like the design of the surface and the network behind the shop.

How have your products changed since you started creating?

At the beginning I sold only handmade products, but in the last months I also started selling vintage clothes. I love thrift stores!

What are your future plans with liloshop?
I think I will concentrate on accessories and I hope I will have more time for my handmade projects.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Thank You

Thank you!

I want to say a big thank you to all my readers--new and old. It means a lot to me that you would take the time to stop by this little blog and share your time. As a way of saying thanks I'm hosting a giveaway, courtesy of Glymm only to ships to Canada, so this giveaway is restricted to Canadian residents but if it were possible, it'd be international. To all my readers near and far, thank you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Can't Live Without....

It's Contest Time! One of my Canadian readers has a chance to win a beauty deluxe sample box.

I'm a sample junkie and sites like give me the chance to try high-end beauty products that I may not have heard of or have been apprehensive about trying. Through such companies, I've come to learn about other beauty product companies and other products, expanding my cosmetic and skin care horizon and even finding products that I just can't live without. I realized I can't live without lipwear. I must have some kind of lipgloss, lipstick, lipglass, something! If I leave the house without some lipwear, I feel a bit naked.
Whether it's a particular brand or a particular product, I want to know what is a must have for you. Go to the contest page, read the rules, and enter for your chance to win a beauty box that may just have your next fave beauty product!

Watch the video below to learn more about Glymm

Friday, August 5, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: One day in Paris

One day in Paris

"One day we're gonna live in Paris
I promise
I'm on it
When I'm bringing in the money
I promise
I'm on it
I'm gonna take you out to club showcase
We're gonna live it up
I promise
Just hold on a little more"

Friendly Fires is singing my tune with their song Paris. I don't have Paris on the brain, but I am keen on learning French and that leads me to thinking about a shopping spree in a French vintage shop, or a stroll down an avenue with foreign signs. Alright so perhaps Paris is on my mind. Or rather France and french designers. A getaway would be nice. I could take a bike ride down a dusty road in a French village, or sip coffee in a bustling cafe in the city center. I'll have to improvise this weekend by listening to french artists like Alizee while eating french fries. This however can be done stylishly, and those Jimmy Choos in the set are c'est magnifique! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

D.e.p.t. Womens Clean Stretch Chic Trench Jacket

Great looking and affordable, this is one trench coat I can see myself napping for fall. The details such as the belt, the contrasting lining, and the rectangular pockets make this coat a stand out; yet in all ways it is still a classic. A trench coat like this can be worn for any occasion, and as I mentioned earlier, would make a nice addition to one's fall wardrobe. 

You could have fun with a coat like this by substituting the detachable belt with something a little more eye catching or a plain leather belt.


Stella McCartney Elastic large bow belt

Riva01 Velvet High Heel Pumps BLACK

Samsonite Padma Working Bag

Trench Pic of the Month

I love the way the belt is tied onto the trench above.