Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lush Love

Up until last Christmas, I was a lush virgin. My sister would home with lush bags, and I’d always ask what it was and why she was always shopping there. Well, I had that questioned answered for me loud and clear when I went to my first lush party during the holiday season. I had planned to simply go in to buy my sister a present but once I arrived, I didn’t want to leave. The smell of the store for starters is…heaven. It’s like a candy shop for those who want treat their body

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I had the perfect excuse to stop by and get some supplies. Lush is a great gift store, and if you want an awesome Valentine’s day present, you might want to leave some not so subtle hints for your sweetie. I don’t have a Valentine, but why should that stop me from indulging in some delicious, calorie free, goodies.

Below are some Valentine Lush Ideas.

You can choose to buy singles items such as:

Love soap: This soap is very pretty with all its sparkles and it smells floral. I haven’t used it, but I hear it lathers well.

Magic mushroom Bubble Bar: Smells very sweet, with vanilla and strawberries. The mushroom shape may not be your typical valentine shape but it is very cute. And it does leave your skin feeling very soft, which
might cast a magic spell on your valentine. 

The ex-factor bath bomb: If you are anti-valentine or want to quietly destroy your bad bloke, then you will like this one. Break off each limb one by one and dip him in the water. Then have a sweet vanilla scented soak, and let all the bad memories melt away.

Soft Couer (The honeymooner): This adorable heart shaped massage bar, smells like love. I mean it. I fall in love every time I smell it. It smells like honey and orange but there’s another scent there that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe it’s the REAL chocolate center that it has in the middle.

Fever massage bar: This is a very seductive massage bar. A combination or rose, jasmine, sandalwood and cocoa help to set the mood for you on valentine’s day.

You can also choose a gift set.

Be mine gift set. This is the one I ended up buying and it  may be the best gift I’ve bought for myself this month. This pack comes with the flying fox shower gel (which smells so calming), honey trap lip balm (makes you kissable), and soft couer (so sensual). I found buying the gift set to be a better bargain then buying individual pieces.

Lush has other valentine gift ideas on their website. Even if you’re anti-valentine, you’ll find something to fall in love with.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Vampire Valentine

If all the pink hearts make you want to puke, and the sea of sweetness is making you sick then you may enjoy the darker side of Valentine's Day. No, this isn't about being anti-valentine, but showcasing a few pieces that are intriguing, a little morbid, but very much heartfelt.

Be&D navy leather georgetown studded strap flats

I love flats, I love studded items....This was a no brainer. Instead of a cheesy candlelit dinner why not take a walk at twilight with your valentine in these edgy shoes.

Pierced Necklace

This is a very creative valentine piece. It's not just that the necklace is designed in a way to allow the arrow to point directly at the heart, that I love, but the victorian look of it.

Steampunk Necklace - Vintage Brass CAGED HEART Pendant Necklace - Complete with Gears Swarovski Crystal and GEMS - EXCLUSIVE by edmdesigns 







Want to keep your secrets close to your heart?  This inspired Steampunk necklace was created with a unique brass heart pendant that is designed as a cage into which you can look and special things can be locked away inside.

 Black Rose Ring 


 Even if you aren't into Gothic revival, or horror stories, I think every girl should have a black rose ring. They're just sexy, not to mention mysterious and eye grabbing. 

Coffin handbag Macabre and Fabulous 

 I think this would make a good Halloween bag, but I say, why leave all the other holidays out. I mean, what else would you carry to a vampire valentine party?

Black Gothica Couture Wrap 

I seriously need this wrap. The design reminds me of bat wings, but there's a sophisticated chic about it that makes it wearable with almost anything. 

If you're tired of the same old' red and pink routine for valentine's day, why not try something different and browse through gothic, punk and eccentric accessory stores. has a number of talented hand crafters that are willing to take special orders for your dark valentine. 



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love at first sight

Have you ever gone shopping and nearly had to have someone pinch you, because whatever you saw was everything you ever wanted! It was too beautiful to be real, too lovely to be left alone, and too cool to confined within the store borders. You grabbed the item and the heavens opened up. Ok, so maybe the heavens didn't open, but it doesn't change the fact that you fell in love.

I had several of those moments this month. My mouth fell open, my heart started racing, and I was lost for words that's when I knew...I wanted to spend the rest of my life with it. I would make all the items below my Valentine.

Laurie Zip Cutout Pump - WHITE (5) Laurie Zip Cutout Pump - WHITE (5)
It was actually the black ones I fell in love with, but they're sold out. Regardless, it is one hot shoe! Bebe always has an item that I can't get over. Even after I buy them, I still can't believe it's mine. Besides the cool look of the shoe, I love that they're easy to walk in. I rarely buy heels because 3 seconds after putting them on I fall over, but I'm still standing tall with these.

Safety Clutch

This bag took my breath away. I love the safety pin detail.

The Marne Trench

This wasn't a "isn't that pretty" moment. It was a "Where have you been all my life!!!" moment. I love the color, the buttons, the glove length sleeves, the funnel neck...I love this coat.

I really wanted a Victorian hat last year, but all the ones I found were sooo...19th century. But topsyturvydesign on etsy makes these wicked hats. It's not just the one hat in the picture that I love, but all of them. Do I have any place to wear Was it crazy love at first sight...yes! 

Anyone who's seen pride and prejudice, and liked it, will love this necklace. The front reads "You must allow me to tell you" and the back says "How ardently I admire and love you." I thought to myself, you took the words right out of my mouth because that's exactly how I feel about this necklace. It is oh so romantic.    

Timed Race Watch Necklace

I love multipurpose items, and this one had me smiling in satisfaction. I love the swivel handlebars and the kickstand that lets you prop the bike on your nightstand.  



Bottega Veneta red woven leather large hobo 

 So classic, so beautiful, so darn expensive! I got shot in the heart with envy when I saw this bag and the price. It was like seeing the guy you've always wanted and then seeing his perfect girlfriend. I wanted shed tears as I realized we would never be together, because common sense doesn't allow me to spend $2, 380
on a bag. But if I ever nab a rich man, he can forget the engagement ring and buy me that bag. 

Well that was my list...for now. Please share a shopping story about an item that you loved at first sight. 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I heart these acessories

I never realized how popular the heart theme was until I started looking for items for this post. Yet, on the other hand there didn't seem to be enough to fall in love with. Most of the things are tired old, redone, items that were lack luster and didn't muster any excitement in me. That said, despite the lack of barreling over options, I still found it hard to narrow it down to just a few items. Therefore, I might add to this post in the future. In the mean time, here are some accessories that make my heart beat with joy.

I think my heat did a somersault when I show these shoes. Then it broke in a million pieces when I learned they were sold out.

Alexander McQueen Crocodile heart shaped peep toe shoes

For those that like to keep their feet firmly on the ground, or just need a break from high heels, now you can look sweet doing it. These sneakers are so darn cute.

Hot Pink Heart Sneakers-Customized shoes

I'm going to be honest, these earrings weren't love at first site. Bestey Johnson is like that for me, her stuff grows on me after a while. I can now appreciate the beauty of these earrings and well, I kind of want a pair.

Betsey Johnson Heart Shaped Charm Earrings

It was like being shot in the heart with accessory love when I saw this. Love the clear light pink glass used on this cellphone charm. I'd attach it my key chain if I had it.

Cupid's Arrow Pink Heart cell phone charm


 This yummy necklace, features REAL red, white and pink sprinkles poured into the necklace. Talk about a sweet-heart! 

Valentine Sprinkles Heart Necklace



I had to do my own version of an evil laugh when I saw this. For those that believe Valentine's Day is a time to be just as naughty as they are nice, you'll love this.

14k Yellow Gold Lab-Created Ruby Heart Devil Pendant w/ Diamond Accent, 18"

14k Yellow Gold Lab-Created Ruby Heart Devil Pendant w/ Diamond Accent, 18"

Kind of a little bit in love with this ring. The heart shaped charm moves freely as you move your hand.

Love Locked Ring

Alright I know this falls under home accessories, but it's still an accessory. Besides, after getting all dolled up for her Valentine, a girl needs to make sure she looks perfect and what better way than with this funky heart mirror. I absolutely hate mirrors but I heart this one.

Heartfelt Wall Mirrors

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kissable Accessories

I should have been working yesterday, but instead decided to browse one of my favorite websites, For those of you who don't know, is a harbor for all things handmade or vintage. It's a fantastic place to buy accessories or other items that are unique and rare. I seriously spend too much time on that website. During the browse, my eyes caught a "kiss" item and that led to a hunt for other similar items. Here are few accessories that I just want to kiss because they're just so awesome!
Majority come for etsy but a couple are from other sites. 

lulu guinness double kiss mini frame purse

If you can spare the change, you can get yourself a very cute coin purse. Lulu guinness often has fun items like the one above.The only downside is price.

Cute Valentines Day Kisses Lips Red Polka Dot Drawstring Pures Handbag 

I am a fan of vintage bags and this one from a seller on is very cute. I would use it as a carry bag for my bento box. It would be cute to have a mini picnic for two with this bag as the "basket."








French Kisses and Hugs  

I like the simplicity of this bracelet. One could wear it way after valentine's day.  








FREE CHAIN - Red Sexy Kiss Pattern Photo Pendant 

This is a colorful way to dress up your valentine outfit. It's not too bold and I like that, but it has enough about it to make it interesting.  It's something that worn, people's eyes would go to. I mean who wouldn't look at it, it's full of kisses.



HUGS 'N KISSES on a HEART Pendant Necklace  

Possibly one of my favorite items is this one. Can love get any more simple.Also, knowing there's only one makes it even more special.





XOXO With Red Heart Silver Soldered Small Drop Pendant 

This is the item that gave me the inspiration for this post. I think this would make a great valentine's day gift for anyone who likes unique jewelry.   

Turtle Fur Kiss Off Hat - Black 

Turtle Fur Kiss Off Hat - Black 

 I immediately thought of those ski bunnies when I saw this hat. Even though it's black, the pink kiss adds some flirtatious spice to the drab winter season. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Trench Coat Valentine Ideas

I never celebrate Valentine's Day. I don't even think about it. And no I'm not some bitter girl who never got a valentine...OK maybe I am. But this year I thought why not ring in the day of love by having a love post parade. Up until Valentine's Day, my posts will relate to love and romance. Not mushy love stuff, but fashion love. If you're among those who will be celebrating Valentine's Day then here are some ideas for your date.

I chose pink, red, and white and for my single ladies black (don't take it bad, black is perfectly lovely color) All the items can be found in "In The Trenches Store."

Sorry ladies, hot guy in trench coat is not available in my store--neither is the passionate moment. 

Pretty in Pink
umm...I'm not actually looking at the clothes.

Chadwicks The New Trench (PAPAYA JUICE,16)

Sterling Silve Pink Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant Charm

Doll Adult Shoes 

Rosette Crossbody Clutch


 Lady in Red

Jack BB Dakota The Miley Coat in Cardinal

Canvas Fedora Hat / Red

Michael Antonio Women's Macey Ankle Boot

J.Renee Alma Clutch





  White Twilight

XOXO Coat, Margo Printed Fit & Flare Trench

Silver Tone Filigree Metal Heart and White Bead Stretch Bracelet Fashion Jewelry 

Black and White Mimi Shoes

Off-White Small Oyster Shell Clutch 



Black Beauty

Trapunto Detailed Trench

G by GUESS Stretch Belt with Layered Flowers and St 

Christopher Kon #444 Shoulder Bag

Michael Antonio Women's Otavia Boot

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Pictures and quotes from  



Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fashion Distraction

I did this to kick start Valentine's Day.
In The Trenches Shop will be loaded with hot red, cute pink, and pretty white items to help you look your best for your valentine's date. Take a browse today, who knows you might get lucky ;)

Coat used in the picture

MICHAEL Michael Kors Women's Michael Kors Women'S Satin Double Breasted Trench

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can you wear a white trench coat to a wedding?

A subscriber emailed me asking if it was poor social etiquette to wear a white trench coat to a wedding. Now,  I'm sure sure most of us are aware of North America's "don't wear white to a wedding" rule, HOWEVER, this is simply a coat you are wearing over your original outfit so you're not breaking any rules by wearing a white trench coat to a wedding. I understand my subscriber's concern, since this is a winter wedding, the bride may wear a white coat.   One major tip is to avoid white accessories.Winter brides often do this.  Here are three ways you can accessorize your white coat without looking like the bride.
 I've chosen a simple white trench for this article; please note, this is not the one my subscriber is wearing.
1. Black and white. You can do a classic black and white theme with your trench coat. This is not only fool proof, it's appropriate. 
2. Multicolor/pattern. You can use a combination of different colors to make your white trench coat a little less like a blinding white slate. This adds some spice to your look, and makes it youthful. Just be sure not to overdo it. To avoid looking like a clownish rainbow, find pieces that have blended colors already. Forzier Multicolor Crystal Jeweled Evening Hard Clutch w/Chain Strap 3. Solid Color Theme. Instead of multicolor, choose one solid color for your theme. The colors don't have to be the exact same shade, but they should compliment each other.  
 Pistachio green ovals stretchy interchangeable watch band KC Malhan 04 Swirl Clutch,Yellow,one size Prada clover patent mid heel mary jane pumps I hope this helps to give you some ideas for how to dress up you white trench coats, whether it be for a wedding or another event. I love getting emails so please send me a message about your trench coat concerns or stories and if you haven't already subscribed please do so. You'll get great fashion ideas, as well as the heads up on contests.