Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Favorites

I didn’t like June. I didn’t like the way the days sometime flew or dragged undeceive of how it wanted to torment me. I didn’t like the mounds of rain on days planned for picnics and I didn’t like that I collected few favorites. The few I did manage to remember are below. I say June, you may depart now


1. Bubble tea: Bubble tea or boba tea is a type of Asian fruit drink, made with either fresh fruit or a powder and contains lychee, jelly or tapioca pearls. I never get pearls in mine but I love this drink. I’ve been drinking it for years, but it was only this month that I noticed just how much I craved it. Late at night, my equally obsessed bubble tea friend and I will drive off to the cute little spot in our area and sip on tea while we watch the stars.

2. Rompers: I know this a trench coat blog, and that’s the biggest clothing item I ever post, but I have to share with you my love for rompers/jumpers. I bought this 80s one at a vintage shop and I’m madly in love with it. I had been looking for a decent romper for ages, since last summer to be exact, with little luck. Though many were cute they lacked something, or their price turned me off. This romper however makes me smile. I feel like Barbie in it. Best part—it was cheap! I also have to add it has pockets. I have a couple rompers, all bought at thrift stores and for me that’s the place to find them.

3. Crest whitening expressions refreshing vanilla mint toothpaste: As a lover of vanilla flavored and scented products I was intrigued about this vanilla flavored toothpaste. My initial guess was it would very vanilla and wondered if that was really a good option for toothpaste. However, it’s a sweet minty mix of vanilla and mint, not too sweet mind you. The vanilla isn’t powerful; it’s hinted, rather than the leading flavor. It combines nicely with the mint ad makes brushing a flavor of fun. My breath feels fresh with a touch of sweetness after brushing. It’s whitening ability isn’t anything I’d write home about, but it does clean well.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ulzaang Nails

I see a lot of fantastic nail art this season. Even the most simple designs seem to impress. My nails always seem to have no more than one shade of polish, if that. But as look at the nails below, I'm inspired to dress up my nails ulzaang style. Cute pretty nails have always been a summer accessory and with companies like O.P.I offering beautiful summer colors one can't help but want to join in the rainbowed nail fun. Check out some of the pretty nails below for inspiration. I also included an easy nail tutorial for cute strawberry nail art down below. 


Friday, June 24, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Color my heart

Color my heart

A parade of colors for a summer day. Is it just me or does summer bring out people's festive side. Bright bold splashes or color dance along the main streets as women and men experiment with more vibrancy. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why I love summer. No one minds if you're wearing neon! There isn't really any neon in this set, but the colorful accessories are enough to make me want to dance.
And perhaps a little tango or salsa will take place with a friend or two in a summer dress made for a colorful heart.

Have a vibrant weekend!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Spiegel Leather Trench Coat

I saw this coat on and part of me would like to get better acquainted with it. The leather brown looks beautiful with a textured pattern that makes it look like wood.This is a bit of draw back in my opinion, since I don't want to look as if I'm wearing the trunk of a tree.

But on the other hand if I wear this in the forest, I'd fit in. I'd also be warm, dry and well put together. Perhaps the texture woodsy look isn't so bad. The style of the coat itself is magnificent. I love the high collar and that it still has the classic trench style. The color also makes it easy to accessorize and I believe the animal printed scarf does help to bring its beauty out.



Habutai Silk Fashion Brown/Light Gray Animal Print Long Scarf with Ruffle Trim 19" x 76" (double ply)

Proenza Schouler Women's Oe0010 Flat

Black Oversize Leather Pushlock Clutch Bag

Friday, June 17, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Amanda


The skies were a little grey when I made this set and I longed for days of blue. But the Navy Smudge Spotted Trench made me fond of the gloomy skies and I gave them permission to stay a wee bit longer. They did. But the rain did not bring me this sweet deep violet trench or the crimson shoes. It did not descend from the skies a rainbow of bows, only rain. But now that I show you this set the sky has cleared, and blossoms have burst, bringing with it sweet scents and a promise of sunny day giggles.
I am not Amanda, nor do I know one intimately but should there be an Amanda  viewing this set I am sure there is someone who considers you like that sunny day after a rainy spell. And should you need to splash in puddles swap your rain boots with darling heels in case you have to make your way across a rainbow.

Have a charming weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

NARS Budget Haul

I'm a NARS junkie. Now that the secret is out I can openly tell you that you may be seeing more of these NARS hauls in the future along with some detailed reviews on their products. This one in particular didn't start out as a NARS haul, but you'll have to watch the video to find out what I'm talking about

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stone Contrast Check Belted Trench Coat

The length of this trench coat on is adorable. For the leggy lady, your legs will be beautifully displayed under this trench coat. But that isn't the only reason why I love it. The stone and check contrast draw the eye in without it being too overtly attention grabbing. It's a classic sophisticated trench with a bit of fun to it. One can have a fair bit of fun with the accessories as well. Maybe some bold colors or textures. Or you may want to keep it simple and neutral. I'm going with black. A bit of dark to add to this light but lovely trench.


The SAK Indio Leather Large Tote,Black,one size

Betsey Johnson Women's Luvey Boot

Black Crystal Dangle Earrings


Friday, June 10, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Be Bold

Be Bold

"I don't want to live timidly. I want to be bold in thought and kindness and gesture. I, we, must stretch in giving, reach in creativity and enthusiastically attempt! Let's not live in fear...when our only fear is to not really live."

I wish you a bold weekend. One with mindful thoughts and fearless self expression.