Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Faves

August flew by so quickly I didn’t even get time to decide what I loved about it. Needless to say this might be a short monthly list of loves.

Contests: Not only do I enjoy throwing contests, but I also love winning them. This month I had the pleasure of winning a contest courtesy of Canada Talk. It is a survey site that rewards its member with points (redeemable as cash) and giveaways. This time I was on the receiving end of a 100 dollar gift card for With it I purchased several items including the sex in the city lust fragrance set, mix style headphones, a cooler for my laptop and “Our mutual friend” the dvd. I was very pleased with all the items I received. I’m hoping the winning will carry onto this month as I try to win a mac.

2. Mix Style Headphones . I dub these my SNSD headphones, since it is this Korean girl band that made them popular. I, however, wanted them long before they started promoting it (ok maybe around the same time). I am now the very proud owner of one, and SNSD has never sounded so sweet. I love them! The sound quality is pretty good but the main reason for the purchase was style. They just look good on my head.

Hyoyeon from SNSD made me want them.

 The ones I got.

3.  The Shoppers teen pack. If there’s one reason to anticipate back to school (the only reason really) it’s the Shoppers teen pack. I have a video that goes through what’s inside. Shoppers has marked these awesome packs even lower, but they go fast.

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