Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford Skin Care Line Review

Early this month, I got the opportunity to test the skin care line Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford. Upon receiving the package, I was extremely enthusiastic to try the items, considering that I had been eyeing it for a while.

Meaningful Beauty is an anti-aging skincare line formulated by renowned anti-aging specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. Those who have seen the infomercial may know it as the magic melon product--as that is its big boast. I was interested to see if it lived up to all the hype or if it was just another celebrity blip.

For the entire month, I used this line and only this line as directed. I wanted to truly give it some time to see what the results would be and I didn’t want any other product competing with it.

In the package I received:

The Skin Soft Cleanser
Pros: It cleans well and you don’t need much. My skin feels touchably-soft after using, while I noticed a reduction in my pores.
Cons: Price-$36.00

Deep cleaning masque
Pros: A little goes a long way. It’s not tight feeling and easy to apply.
Cons: I was not sure if it was actually doing anything.

Glowing Serum

Pros: A little goes a long way. It helped to reduce pores and gave my skin a lovely glow.
Cons: Smell is a little funny. Price $53.00.

Antioxidant Day Crème 
Pros: You don’t need much and it gave my skin a healthy glow.
Cons: Price $45.00

Anti-Aging Night Crème
Pros: It moisturized well. My skin always felt smooth after use and a little goes a long way.
Cons: Price $60.00

Firming Chest and Neck Crème
Pros: You don’t need to apply a lot so it would last.
Cons: Didn’t notice any kind of change.

Wrinkle Smoothing Capsules
Pros: Everything about his product is amazing.
Cons: Price $69.00

Lifting Eye cream
Pros: A little goes a long way.
Cons: Didn’t notice a change

Product as a whole: When I first began using this product, I wasn’t impressed. Other than my face feeling clean after each wash, my skin didn’t seem to look or feel improved. I was a bit disappointed considering the hype. But by the third week, I was in love! This is one of those lines where the more you use the better it gets. The night cream, for example, gave me the most unbelievable glow, while continuous use of all the products, left my skin looking and feeling brand new.

I was surprised at the transformation, especially since I was not impressed the first week of use. I will say that as someone in my twenties it’s hard to give a review on whether or not it decreases fine lines, but I can say anyone at any age can benefit from at least one of the products in this line. The cleanser cleans well; it softened my skin and decreased my pores. The capsules are a product I will have to purchase because it greatly improved my skin and it’s not something you need to use everyday.

Personally, I do find the products pricy. So the claim of it being affordable for everyone doesn’t ring true for me. However, in terms of whether or not it works--it does. It doesn’t work instantly. It’s one of those products that gets better with time.

I would purchase this product and I would recommend it to someone looking for a product that can improve the look and feel of your skin.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cream Colored Dream From Navi's Castle

The moment when you find an item your heart has been set on for many a day is happiness. Last year, I began my hunt for vintage cream colored leather gloves. Not an easy find, especially for the budget seeker. But the fashion fairies granted my wish because I found a lovely pair on this incredible vintage etsy shop called Navi’s Castle.

Navi’s Castle offers sweet vintage items from the 30’s to the 80’s. You can find a chic 1960s dress and lovely string of 1950s pearls to match it. Many times vintage items are surprisingly pricy. But Navi’s Castle offers an affordable collection that even a budget seeker like myself can come away with something that won’t hurt your wallet.

The customer service is wonderful. I had excellent and timely communication with the seller, the item was promptly shipped and arrived beautifully packaged. The entire shopping experience was bliss.
If you are a vintage fashion lover, I highly recommend this shop. New items are listed every Monday, and you may find a vintage treasure like I did with my leather gloves.

Check out the video below for more and for this week's Special Edition Enjoy Weekend featuring the gloves

Friday, October 14, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Ultra Pretty

Ultra Pretty

This is a look I would love to sport. It's so feminine, classy, and cute. The Petites Ochre Lace Dress is  a beauty and something that would become a favorite if I had it in my wardrobe. While the "vintage will you bead mine" clutch from mod cloth is an affordable addition to a girly girls fashion archive.

May your weekend be filled with pretty thoughts and moments.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ulzzang Scarves

It's scarf season (isn't it always scarf season) and instead of the typical grey wool knits I thought about possibly adding some cute colorful prints to my scarf collection.  When an ulzzang wears a scarf it's often bold, with contrasting patterns and sometimes textures and can seen a feature piece of the outfit. I would love to make the collection below a part of my wardrobe.

Mango Polka dot scarf

The moment I saw this scarf I knew it would be part of this collection. Its print and strawberry red color are ulzzang cute.

Harry Potter fans will love this scarf from writemag. I never got into the fandom, but I do love the scarf for it's colors, not to mention it looks warm.

Cashmere Feel Patterened Unisex Pashmina Scarf

There are two reasons why I like this scarf: one is the pattern which can be worn by men and women; the other is the price. Amazon has this scarf available for 11.99 at the moment and that price I can afford to stay cute and warm this season.

Linea Three colour layered ruffle scarf


Quite unique. This three layer scarf would work with a plethora of looks. I'm picturing it with a colored trench coat such as red or blue. But I would also love to it with a cream colored knit dress.

Fall Infinity Scarf, Burnt Umber Blossom Autumn Neck Cowl

 The colors of this scarf would work well in both Fall and Spring. I found it on vintagedutchgirl's shop and didn't hesitate for a second to add it to this collection. 

Husky Scarf-Hat

These scarf-hat combos are very popular with ulzzangs. The paws are also mittens, so there's no chance of getting cold with cute winter accessory.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Princess Simple

Princess Simple

Sometimes, I like to keep it simple, like the simply stunning tunic dress and coat in this Enjoy Weekends set. I was searching for accessories to pair with it, when I thought, "Why? It's fine the way it is." Making a style statement doesn't always have to include wild accessories or feathers in the hair. The best looks are often the most simple, where one or two pieces draw the eye in and make the entire outfit perfection.
I want a simple weekend with simple smiles, simple hugs and simple bonding with my family.

Have as simply sweet one!

Monday, October 3, 2011

BB Dakota The Ephriam Coat

     BB Dakota often offers cute unique coats and this Ephriam Coat in chestnut looks perfect for Fall. I would have liked if it were offered in a variety of colors, seeing as how chestnut is the only one Amazon seems to have, but the color does suit well with the changing season. I love the military look, with all the buttons, but  the real seller for me is the skirt bottom. It's as if it's a cross between feminine cute and masculine. Accessorizing a coat like this is easy. You could play up it's feminine charm, or use pieces that pick out it's more masculine details.



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