Friday, April 29, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: At Last

There is nothing to be excited about this weekend. I am studying for midterms, and trying to look forward to look next weekend when there will be no midterms. I am not at all confident I will receive top marks, but I am very confident that I would look good in that black trench and I the give red lace dress top marks! The heels also make a cutie statement with their sweet looking bow. I certainty hope your weekend will be consist of more activity than mine.

Have a great weekend ^.^

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beauty Dayz: Lush bubblegum lip scrub review

When lush came out with their lip scrubs last year, I was very excited to try them, particularly the bubblegum one. It was a product that, I felt, would be useful for the my dry lips and tasty. But I have mixed feelings about this lush product.Below are some pros and cons about the bubblegum lip scrub.

1. Smells good. The smell of the bubblegum lip is much like the snow fairy shower gel. If you've never smelt snow fairy, then imagine the scent of strawberry bubblegum. That is what it smells like, and being a bubblegum scent fan, I really get a kick out of smelling this product. It's sweet and youthful.

2. Easy to use. No directions are necessary for this product, just take a little out and rub it on your lips.

3. Doesn't dry out quickly. This product can sit for a while without losing it's oils. This is plus for me because I didn't use it as frequently as I thought I would.


1. Doesn't work well. I thought this product would really help to smooth my lips and in a way it does, but perhaps my expectations were too high because I didn't get the smooth lips I sought after. With this product I had to scrub quite hard before it felt slightly smooth which only hurt my lips. A wet tooth brush can actually do the same thing this does without the pain.

2. Doesn't taste great. The smell might be nice, but the taste isn't. Granted it's not meant to be eaten, but even just a little taste on my tongue was unpleasant. To me there the a chemical after taste that sits on the lips and tongue.

3. Expensive. Lush sells their lip scrub for 8.95 in Canada and to me that is expensive. I think at 6.95 the product would be priced at its value. The only thing I can think of for justifying the higher price is that you don't need much.

The bubblegum lip scrub by lush is a sweet smelling product with a few flaws. It's does not work all too well and it is pricey but the smell alone makes it worth a try.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Enjoyweekends: Gorgeous in Green

It isn't any greener outside than when I started this week of posts but I have to say I am revved up to see spring make an entrance in my city. I hope you enjoyed this green week. I know I will be collecting more fashion items in this wonderful color. Green can be presented in so many ways and to wrap up this week I wanted to show you a couple ways green makes a fashionista beautiful.

This first set is just stunning. It's not my creation and I thank the person who did put it together because it is a beautiful set that uses green in such an effective manner. Just looking at it makes we want to have a girls night out with mother nature.

This second set may show green as more casual but not any less stunning. I love the combining of  dark rich browns, giving the set an earthy tone. I just love the dress and would love to celebrate earth day in it.

Thanks again for reading this. If you went through the whole week of green with me, please share some of your favorites. For new readers, welcome and thank you for joining my little fashion blog.

I hope you have a lush and beautiful weekend. If you can, take sometime to celebrate all that is green and alive around you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gorgeous Green Accesscories.

 The collection of green below varies extensively, in shade and eccentrics. There are simple elegant items and pieces that are more for the fashionably bold. All of course are green and all are unique in their own way. And of course I have included many handmade items because this post wouldn't be complete without at least one or two. 


Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Mr Darcy's Proposal 'Admire and Love You' Brass Cuff

I saw this lovey cuff on the etsy shop JezebelCharms and as I Austen fan quickly saved it to my favorites hoping to feature it one day. The great day has come as it makes it's appearance in this green week. On this big brass cuff is the Darcy proposal, lines that have lived in the hearts of Austen romantics for centuries. 

Saphiro Earrings

 Precious looking, isn't it? I believe the copper wire adds the superb sweetness of these earrings. Handmade by the owner of underanewlight they would work well in any season, not just spring and would make a a very pretty gift for those claiming green as their color.

Moss Winds Necklace

Magical, that was first word that came to mind when I saw this beautiful richly colored teardrop pendant. It looks like something belonging to a great sorceress from some mythical land. Of course little ol' me, living in this world, would also like to get my hands on it. Amber Hulquist of FableBay, the lovely shop this necklace comes from did an incredible job on this fantasy looking piece.

Antique Bronze Three Leaf Bird Nest Turquoise Necklace

 This necklace beautifully and uniquely displays color in a minimalistic way that still captures and holds attention. It comes from ManoCelebrates and choosing one item in the shop to feature wasn't easy. But this piece of pretty just had to viewed.

A charming springtime accessory; I love the many shades of green used on this stretch bracelet. I had never heard of 1928 Boutique before seeing it but am now interested in seeing and possibly featuring more items in the future.

Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Green Jade Fancy Cut Ring

The jade look on this ring is beautiful. It's one of those rings you wear when you just want a pop or color without taking away from the rest of your look.

 Carolyn Pollack Sterling Silver Green Turquoise and Sterling Silver Rectangle Ring 

 Again, we have another ring that plays as a color booster but not a show stealer. I don't usually like crackle looking items but this one was minimal and the green with the silver was intriguing.

 Mango Women's Belt Vintage C, M, Grass 

Mango Women's Belt Vintage C, M, Grass

I didn't get a good picture of this vintage belt so I hope you will check it if only to get a better look. It may be classified as vintage but it is very modern, trendy and versatile. I can already picture it on a trench coat. 

Librement - Cubitas Sisley Collection 

Is it widely unique? No, but it is pretty with it's green roses and all and I included it because I could see myself  wearing this hair accessory in any season.

Green Top Hat Feather Fascinator

 This hat on the other hand is unique and very much so. Bold and lovely this fascinator from Thatsahat is for those that like to make a statement and prefer their accessories to have more than a bit of personality.