Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fiercely Feline Trench Coats

There is an irrepressible excitement stirring up in me in regards to this post, for the obvious reason-it's about trench coats. With fall weather being here, the excuse to wear trench coats is back, and I'm seeing some great styles already out in stores. Printed trench coats are a big trend this fall. Whether it's spotted or striped, there's at least one that will call out your animal side.

I'm quite fascinated with this Helene Berman animal print double breasted trench. It's not your typical run-of-the-mill leopard print coat. The darkness and richness of the material eludes from the more beast-like qualities normally associated with animal prints and brings back the sophisticated edgy side.

Is anyone else a little turned off by the name of this trench coat? Despite that however, this is a great looking rain coat. The style is fabulously feminine and the pattern is fantastically feline.

TENOVERSIX Isabel Trench Jacket

I love this short trench jacket! It's youth, playful and dramatic. I could see it working well with a solid colored dress. This jacket would undoubtedly make it into my wardrobe for this animal print trend.

Red + Leopard= One hot trench coat! The first time I saw this  Dolce & Gabbana printed nylon trench 
I wondered if I would ever wear it. Heck yes I'd wear it! With a little black dress and hot black heels, I'd strut all over town in this coat. Someone ring the alarm there's a fierce female on the lose. 


Try to get over the injustice this picture does to this trench coat. In person it's actually very lovely and youthful. It's not a heavy wool, as one might suspect and can be paired with anything from a pencil skirt to straight legged jeans.

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