Thursday, September 9, 2010

Etsy Wild Side

Some of the greatest animal print items I've seen lately have been handmade works of beauties by etsy sellers. I had to dedicated a single post to some of the items that I fell in love with, even if I don't have an extreme love for animal print. These items are not all "catty" nor are they fierce. For the most part they are creative ingenious pieces that will make you want to prowl through the etsy jungle ( I couldn't help it).

SLITHER - Bronze Python Embossed Bangle - Cruelty-Free


This bangle from  endlessbounty is a great fall piece. I can't get over how realistic it looks with the python embossed vinyl coating.


 Here we have another animal print inspired bangle. It's sophistication can't go unnoticed. Eleci has a number of jewelry and accessory pieces that are bold yet truly feminine. 



 Jangeisen has me wanting to get my Safari on with this necklace. It's made completely of polymore clay and features giraffe and leopard print. This is a great necklace for the individual who loves unique statement-piece jewelry.

Leopard guitar pick earrings


These are just fun. Found on whattherock, they'd be a great way to add some boldness to a boring outfit. It's pieces like this that remind me why accessories are so much fun. 

WILD Retro COCKTAIL RING ReVamped Vintage Jewelry


I love cocktail rings and this one from transienttreasures is a stunner. It's wild, pretty and a whole lot of feline fun.  

Small Zebra Print Bag

 This zebra print bag from BagsbyLora is a must have for my bag collection. I love that it's handmade. I love that it trendy and yet has a classic design. I love this bag! 


Purse giraffe print upcycled denim


chocolatedogstudio's idea of making bags out of old denim jeans is awesome. This is a really practical and creative way of upcycling.  If I could sew I'd make a bag like this but I can't so I guess I'm buying. This bag would have fit well with my denim dayz week. 

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  1. love chocolate dog's purses.. very cute..


    nice blog

  2. Cute blog, InTheTrenches. Love all the "wild things" especially ChocolateDogs denim and animal print bag.

  3. I agree with the comment above... I love chocolatedog's purse but I also love the zebra one too. Purses may just be my thing!

  4. ChocolateDog has great items in her shop! I am always amazed by her talent in taking old jeans, sweaters, etc, and making purses out of them! She makes really nice cup cozies and other great things too!! The purse featured here is really neat!
    Christie (luvncrafts.etsy)

  5. Great finds! I have a slither bangle and just love it- get so many complements!

  6. Fantastic Finds!
    Love that bangle by Endlessbounty!

  7. super feature...personally, I don't like to overdo animal print but have to say it's here to stay, in fact, don't believe it's ever left...just ebbs and flows.

  8. Fantastic bangle by endlessbounty! You're right, the material is so realistic.

  9. great feature! love that faux python bangle!