Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Faves

December, how can one even describe this month? It aims to be full of cheer, but can also be full of stress. I felt more cheerful than stressed this month and I suppose it is because I wanted to be cheerful. I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for yet another year.

1. My readers: To both my new and old readers, thank you. I am thrilled about going to the new year with you and hope for your continued support. You make blogging worth it. You are always on the top of my fave list.

2. Diary writing: Blogging for so long made me forget how much I love owning and keeping a diary. It is often more convenient, as it can be done anywhere. And with all the cute diaries and notebooks out there they make a very cute accessory. I usually buy mine at the dollar store, but you can also find some very cute diaries on etsy and amazon.

3. Lush Golden Wonders Bath Bomb: Rather than give you a long spiel about how fantastic the lush golden wonders bath bomb is, I’ll let you watch the video below, because words could not describe the magic.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Jacob Christmas Stocking Promotion


One thing I love about the Christmas season are all the merry savings and promos. Jacob, for instance is having a Surprises Christmas Stockings Promotion. The company has  $290,000 in instant prizes to be won at check-out, with your Christmas stocking (to be printed on the website)! They are also giving those who share the promo a chance to win a $10,000 wardrobe!

Jacob offers some great classic fashion stables for your wardrobe and with the exception of the bag and shoes everything in the set above is from Jacobs. I adore the dress and nail polish color.

In addition to the prizes, Jacob is also donating $1 for each Christmas stocking brought in store to Goodwill and Renaissance. I love this as it spreads the Christmas cheer and gives more people a chance to have a Merry Christmas.

Jacobs is currently having a sale on their website, and in store, so check it out if you're still looking for that great gift ( for yourself ;) ) And be sure to check out their Christmas Stocking Promotion before it ends on December 24th! 

Have a chic weekend

Monday, December 12, 2011

Blog Sale!

I've been meaning to do this for while, and in attempt to kick start my new years resolution--which is do what I say I'm going to do--I made a blog sale page. On it you'll find various beauty and fashion related items. The items are either new or like-new. Instead of hoarding items, I thought I'd give my blog visitors a chance to buy items they may love more than me.

There is a buy now button underneath each item; however, I am open to offers. I am also offering free shipping for my Canadian readers, but paypal does not let me create different shipping costs plateforms so please contact me if you are purchasing from Canada and I will create a special invoice for you. Also, if you plan to buy more than one item, let me know, so I can offer a shipping deal for international readers.

I decided to create a blog sale page rather do a typical "blog sale post" because this way the page will remain static, and not disappear in the slew of newer posts. Also it gives me a chance to add new items regularly.

I ship within 3 days of receiving payment

Currently for sale:

Lush Vanishing Cream Moisturizer $15 (retails for 39.95)

Lush Tea Tree Water $4

China Glaze Nail Polish- Solar Power $3.75 (free shipping world wide)

Black and Grey Hoodie- $5.50

Check out the page for more information about the items.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: R. U. Listening

R.U. Listening?

Are you listening to the sounds of winter? Jingle bells, choir choruses, snow crunching under your boots, and fire cracklings--winter can be a noisy season!

This weekend I plan to be making noise in the form of bithday wishing shouts and merry laughter. My sister rings in her personal new year and it's a good excuse to make some noise. There's no need to keep quite, or be modest and I don't plan to--not even with my weekend style.

The hot red stockings inspired me to add some attention grabbing elements to my style as I sing happy birthday to my sister and friends who are celebrating this weekend. The cape is a big seasonal hit. I personally like my arms to be snug inside the sleeves of a tench coat, but the one in the set is lovely enough to tempt me away from my usual coat fixation.

If you are also having a birthday this month, I wish you a very happy birthday may your year be filled with mirth and blessings and may your weekend, whether it's your birthday or not, be a worth making some noise about!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

bebe Ruffle Trench Coat

Bebe adds some playful ruffle to a classic staple with this ultra feminine trench coat. The coat comes in rose smoke, which is a beautiful red shade and black. It fits true to form and makes for a nice tailored party coat for the season. I could see this coat over a tight fitting News Years dress with some silver accessories.


Lightweight Multi-Leaf Dangle Earrings


Whiting & Davis Cross-Body Dance Bag,Pewter

Monday, December 5, 2011

Novemeber Faves

November has always been a month that seems to offend me. The entire year can be bliss and November comes along a ruins it all by sweeping in some kind of calamity. I am always happy to seem to go, and this November was no different. It remained true to style, tossing my life in upheaval. However, as much I disliked November, there were a few (quite few) things that I did like.

November's Glymm Box: I shot a video of my unboxing of November's Glymm box, but disappointingly the video did not work and I was unable to edit and load it. But I wish you could have seen the goodies Glymm packed into the box last month. Among favorite items was a gift-card for, delicious jellybellies, and full size of RGB nail polish. I have been a member of Glymm since July and each month has been delightful. For only $10 a month, I get a box of good sized samples, and most times a full size item, of luxury cosmetic and beauty items. I highly recommend visiting the site if you love getting samples, or love beauty products.

 RGB Deep #003 nail polish: It goes on smooth. One coat looks dark enough. The color is beautiful. RGB pleased me greatly with this nail color shade. I had been looking for a color just like it for months and luckily I found one in my Glymm box. It's a great winter/fall color. RGB's Deep #003 is a deep dark plum with a wine colored undertone. I wouldn't say it looks black because you can notice the purple, but it is richly toned and sweetly dark.

LUSH Golden Wonder Bath Bomb: This adorable looking bath bomb smells deliciously festive. I have yet to use it, but the scent alone makes it worthy of a fave. It would make a lovely Christmas present. You can check it out in the video below.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Cafe Cozy

Cafe Cozy

Cozy knits, warm lattes, melting moments--one can almost forget it's winter. The chill of the season gives one reason to unfold their woven yarns, like the cream chunky knit bobble hat. I plan to pour over my books in a pullover similar to the Phillip Lim slouchy V-neck pull over.
Hot beverages sweetened with warm laughter's of friends and families helps to keep the cold away.

May you create warm memories this weekend

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Trench Pic

Now I know that this seems more fitting for spring/summer, but when I saw this GIF on tumblr I couldn't resist. Besides, it's warm in Australia. I'm not sure who the model is but I love his trench coat. It's a great short length classic styled trench coat. Watching this GIF inspires me to browse for more trench coats for guys. And perhaps in the future I may post a few male trench coats and accessories.