Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Sales

It may be a bit late for this, but I myself only got the emails today. Two of my favorite online shops are having Cyber Monday Sales.

One is Navis Castle, which specializes in vintage fashion wear. I bought a lovely pair of cream gloves from the shop not that long ago, and I adore them. Popping onto the shop today, I noticed a trench coat that I'm eyeing. Navis Castle is offering 30% off items.

The other site is Glymm, a beauty site that not only lets member recieve boxes of beauty samples, but purchase products they like directly from their site. Glymm has marked 20% off selected items.

Check out both sales today before it's too late.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Midnight Road

Midnight Road

The early setting sun leaves way for the black night sky to reign over me longer. It feels like midnight when it's only late evening. When I saw the Diesel Black Gold T, I thought of winter's dark nights and autumn's dusky evenings. I saw a group of friends huddled by a warm fire on dark autumn's evening. Inspired, I combined some equally dark items like the feather stone earrings. A weekend with friends can make even the darkest and coldest nights seem warm. Whether it be midday or midnight, the company of a friend helps make the journey worth traveling.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Acorn Accessories

I find myself admiring the most seemingly mundane things sometimes. An acorn laying on the ground, one autumn day, made me think of it's place in the fashion world. Such a small item, but as I found out it's given a number of designers creative inspiration. Just look below to see some of the adorable acorn accessories one can find online.

Acorn Hat

 Most of the acorn hats I found were for children and infants, but I was fortunate enough to find this adult acorn hat from etsy seller talk2thetrees. It's a perfect fall hat for the quirky accessory lover. I like how, while it does look like an acorn, it doesn't look costumey, and still plays off well as a fashion accessory. 

Autumn Leaf Earrings

I adore the colors of these earrings from forthecrossjewlery.  I feel it's truly been infused with autumn. The added acorn gives it that extra seasonal touch. It's are the type of accessory that would be bound to get compliments. 


Acorn Necklace


Ice Blues has made a lovely necklace inspired by the acorn. I love the tree branch the acorn hangs off of. It gives it a unique touch. 

Acorn Wood Bookend

 While this may not be a clothing accessory, it is an accessory and it's far too cute to not feature. This acorn shaped bookend from Graphic Spaces is adorable and would fit nicely in a nursery or if you're young at heart and simply like cute items you can put it anywhere.


Punched Acorn Sparrow Bag

 This unique bag features punched acorn detailing. It includes a detachable strap so it can be worn as a cross body bag. Because of the nature of the leather, be cautious when wearing light clothing because the color can transfer. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

LUSH gift set budget haul video

When LUSH cosmetics brought out their Christmas items, I really wanted to purchase more than a couple of them. The scents and designs of several of them put me in the Christmas mood. To reign myself in, I decided to put myself on a budget while shopping for a LUSH gift set. The gift sets are my favorite items as it allows me to try several products. View the video below to see what my budget was and if I managed to stay within it. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: A mesh of love

A mesh of love

There's no way in Narnia I could pick a favorite item from this set. The peep toe heels for starters are  timelessly perfect. For the budget seeker, the bangles make a bold statement for a fair price ($18). The pencil skirt would be worn until it was worn out and the hand bag's only flaw  is its outrageous price (over $1000). I'm just in love with all the items and might spend my weekend just day
dreaming about having all the items in my wardrobe.

Have lovely weekend!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Larry Levine Women's Single Breasted Walker Shirt Collar

I know this is not exactly a trench coat, but I love the tailoring of this Larry Levine walkers shirt collar coat. According to reviewers, it fits like a glove. The aspect that makes it worth a feature for me is how well it fits tall people. I often find great coats that are too short at the arms. I hate that my wrists and arms dangle out of my coats most times. If you also have this issue, this coat may solve the problem. It is well tailored and sophisticated, making it easy to accessorize.










Womens Stiletto Knee-High BLACK Sporty Classy BOOTS

London Office Tote

Marissa Black & Sparkle Earrings


Friday, November 11, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Attack of the fancy free zombie

Attack of the fancy free zombie

I had meant this Enjoy Weekends for Halloween, but I plumb forgot about it. There's a load of sillyness in this set and I hope my weekend takes some inspiration from it. I would like to have weekend full of fancy free activity.

The romantic gothic mini skirt, seems more frilly fun to me than romantic but perhaps that's because of the way I've fashioned it with the other items in the set. We have screaming zombies, hello kitty as a cute hippie, and rainbow socks. This is a set for those who love laughs, and don't take themselves or life too seriously.

Have a fun and fancy free weekend loves

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Camel belted trench coat

Dorthy Perkins, I give you my heart if I can have this lovely camel belted trench coat. The buttons first caught my attention then the pockets and pretty soon I was in love with everything about it. This is a coat that will stylishly see you through the winter season. It would be great with some camel knee high long boots.

With this coat I'd add some simple but chic accessories like the handbag  below



Michael Antonio Women's Binet Knee-High Boot

Simple Slouchy Sparrow Bag 

MARC BY MARC JACOBS "MARCI" Watch with Rose Gold Bracelet


Friday, November 4, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: The Modern Age

The modern age

If there's one thing I refuse to do during this cold season it's to give in to drab colors. It's enough that weather looks gloomy, there's no need to dress like it. Even in winter, I think touches of print and color should be worked into an outfit. Something like the fitted bow knot pants can work in any season.

This outfit has a retro attraction. I'd wear it out to meet friends for late afternoon coffee, but it reminds me of a working girl in the 70s. It's interesting how today's idea of modern and trendy seems so old-age. Wardrobes today are a collection of pieces inspired by different eras. If someone were to pin point a distinct style trend from this era, I wonder what that would be.
I personally have no problem time traveling via my wardrobe.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Trench Pic

 November seems to be described well with this trench coat pic: moody, cold, but so attractive. The mists of autumn and snows of winter make for a picturesque seen, but it doesn't make November my favorite month by any means. I wonder if Ryan Reynolds shares my feelings about this month since his expression is less than cheerful. Still, he looks very trendy in his trench coat.