Monday, February 7, 2011

I Heart Kitty

 No matter how old I get, I'll probably always like Hello Kitty and kittens in general. They're cute and I like cute things. I used to watch Hello Kitty and friends. Heck my calendar this year is Hello Kitty. When I'm shopping, and I see Hello Kitty on something, I have to at least check it out, if not buy it. I think Burberry should make a Hello Kitty trench coat. I mean not all over Kitty, just perhaps one cute little image on a pocket or have her in the lining of the trench coat. I think I'm going to pitch it to their design team as a limited edition item. Besides Hello Kitty, I also like cat eye sunglasses, like the one the girl is wear in the set. For all you cat people out there, who adore a basket full of kittens, this set is for you.

side note: the cat in the picture third from the bottom is not hello kitty. It's Marie from Aristocats. (Love that movie)

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