Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Heart Glitter

Though my personal wardrobe does not contain a lot of glittery, sparkle-sparkle pieces, I can't help but to turn my head when I see something shiny. Creating this set was a lot of fun and took less time than the other ones, and that maybe because it's easy to find glam images. The only hard part was making up my mind.

I'm more parcel to glitter when it's in the form of makeup than clothing. I think it's great to have a hot pair of "sparkle like the stars shoes" such as the one's in this set (are they awesome or what) but I love eye makeup that makes use of glitz and glam. Thus, in addition to a glittery set, there's also a makeup tutorial by QueenofBlendingMUA. This is an easy glitter smokey eye that looks good on virtually anyone.

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