Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I heart tea parties

 Is there anything more magically fun than a tea party. Alice showed us that you can have a mad time with a tea pot and bunch of pals. The list of reasons for loving tea parties is long and getting longer each time I have one.

For one, they're more stylish. Ever notice how people just automatically dress up for tea; coffee is often casual, but tea gets a chic and sometimes costumey audience. Why is that? They're both just hot water, but for some reason it seems almost criminal to show up for tea in something less than classy-cute. Maybe it's because it's a tea party. And parties let you dress up.

Another reason for the tea party love is the giggles. I love the time I share with my friends over a pot of warm tea. Tea and memories are lovely. The snacks at tea parties are also grand. Tea and cake makes the world go around.

I'm raising my tea cup to you, my lovely reader.

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