Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ulzzang Eye Glasses

I don't need eye glasses, but I love them, and ulzzangs whether they need them or not make great use of eye glasses. They're a fun, never-out-of style, works with everything accessory. This ulzzang day features some glasses that although I don't need, I certainly want.

New OG Vintage Buddy NERD Wayfarer Blues Brothers Clear Sunglasses - Black

These nerd glasses are classic. They're also affordable, running at under $4.00 at amazon. Classes like these can top off any ulzzang outfit in a classic chic way.

 Run DMC Rapper Retro Large Clear Lens Eye Glasses Black

Run DMC Rapper Retro Large Clear Lens Eye Glasses Black

For those that want to tie together their 80's look these Run DMC retro glasses fit the bill. I saw a pair of these at a local shop in my area and was reluctant to buy them. But I think I can spurge on amazon for these 7 dollar retro glasses.

Selima Optique Nora cat-eye frame optical glasses

 Though these are a pricey pair of eye glasses ($300) they look so good on. They cat eye is not overwhelming and sometimes I even forget that's what they are. They can make you look either like a sophisticated librarian or a cute hipster. 

Betsey Johnson BJ 048 02 Reading Eyeglasses Pearl Princess 02 Espresso

These glasses are very cute with the heart shaped cutout on the frame. I don't think I could pull them off, but I'm sure there are plenty of ulzaangs out there that could.

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