Monday, November 15, 2010

NARS Matte Lipstick Review

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick, Bangkok .12 ozIf you are an avid lipstick wearer, then you most likely look forward to the new fall long lasting matte lipsticks that many makeup companies offer. Matte lipstick is a favorite among women for many reasons. For one, it gives the option of multiuse meaning you can wear it matte or add a gloss or lip-glass to it. It is also long-staying, which is why most women flock to it. But if you’re a NARS fan you’ve probably noticed that NARS has never offered a pure matte lipstick-- semi matte yes, but never pure--until this season.

There’s a good reason why NARS has not given in to the matte craze years prior. Matte lipstick with all its positives has a drawback: it’s not the best option for your lips. Lipstick in general is quite basic. It’s simply wax and vitamin D. Less shine usually equals long-staying. However, the less shine a lipstick has the less vitamin D it has. The problem with this is during the fall and winter seasons you get dry flaky lips. Thus for years NARS didn’t get on the matte lipstick bandwagon. But this year they give matte lipstick wearers a reason to rejoice. Their new pure matte lipstick is enriched with Mango Butter’s advanced moisturizing properties, which work to repair lips from dryness and scaling, leaving lips supple and soft.

I wanted to see if this lipstick really lived up to the claim. I went to the Bay in my city center, where Natasha did my makeup using NARS’ matte lipstick Volga. Then it was off to lunch with a friend, who immediately complemented my lipstick. Now while it didn’t look as vibrant after lunch, there was still some color, but more importantly my lips felt soft. The colors are gorgeous and the added benefit of the Mango Butter makes NARS’ matte collection incomparable to other long-stay lipsticks. This was something admitted by makeup artists who generally support other lines.

NARS’ pure matte lipstick collection is worth checking out. It’s rich in color, long staying, and moisturizing.

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  1. I love Nars. Thank you for the review!