Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mad for These Hats

If there's one accessory I definitely want this spring, it a new hat. Not a silly ball cap or even a knitted beret, but a real fashion hat, something fit enough to wear to a crazy tea party or at least to strut around in. Below are a few hats that I think even the mad hatter himself would approve of.

Tea Party Mini Top Hat

This mini tea party top hat is the perfect accessory for an Alice theme party. I like that it is small. It's says "I'm fun and stylish" without being overbearing and obnoxious.

Betty Grable 

When I saw this hat I thought, where could I wear this to? Then I thought, does it matter, I'd be the cutest thing there. This hat is definitely  a scene stealer. It's beautifully hand crafted, with several bias ruffles and a large bow at the back. 


This hat is so demure. I love the color and the flower. It's a hat every sophisticated woman should have in her collection.

Satine - Mini Top Hat - Fascinator 


Mini top hats are very much in right now, and this one is one I want to seen in. The Victorian pattern suit this style well, but the unpretentious size make it wearable for even non glamor occasions.   

Nonsense Hair Bow 


Maybe you're not a hat person, maybe a giant bow is more befitting of your taste. If so, you're not alone, since big bows are a spring favorite. This black and white one is too cute.  



  1. Thanks so much for the feature! Great write up :)

  2. I love Poisoned Creation's Mad Hatter mini hat! Awesome feature :D

  3. Those hats are fabulous! Love the tiny Mad Hatter!

  4. These hats are awesome, LOVE the tea party mini hat and the bow!

  5. These are awesome! Love love love the tea party mini hat!

  6. I love the Mad Hatter Mini Hat! That is awesome!! };)

  7. The mad hatter mini hat rocks!!! I love the bow too ^_^

  8. Poisoned Creations is awesome! I love their Mad Hatter mini hat!!! :)