Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Secret confession: Beauty Snob

I’m a makeup snob. I’m not proud of this fact but it is what it is. What’s even sadder is I have no reason for justifying this snobbishness. I’m not a makeup artist, which could rationalize paying high prices for my items or even an avid makeup wearer. I usually never wear what I buy, so spending the prices I do is ridiculous to say the least. I made one attempt at justifying it once by saying “drugstore brands cause me to breakout.”

This is actually a true fact. I have yet to buy a drugstore brand of blush or concealer that didn’t irritate my skin somehow. But I know not every brand out there is like that. There is I’m sure at least one brand that my face will not react to. So knowing this I can’t keep using the “my skin is too sensitive for cheap makeup,” excuse.

No, I think I’m just a plain ole’ stick up my but, nose in the air, princess complex snob. Gasp!

Thus, when I realized that 27 dollars was my budget for my makeup haul, I nearly passed out. How was a snob like me supposed to get the items she needed.

Step one: Humble myself. Like it or not, I’m just not all that. And buying makeup that is usually exclusive to runway models is a bit excessive. It won’t kill me to dare I say, buy makeup for the masses.

Step two: Really look at ingredients. Most of what the high end retailers use to make their products is no different than the low end retailers. At the end of the day it’s the same guck that’s going on my face so I might as well spend less.

Step three: Take my time. I can spend hours shopping for bargain clothing. I have no shame in thrift store items but when it comes to makeup I simply log onto a pricy web retailer and click purchase. It’s a fast, rushed through shopping moment, that’s over before I have time to blink. It’s just easier--easier and stupider. If I can browse for budget friendly shoe options I can do it for makeup. 

Will I ever completely get over my makeup snobbishness, no. I know I won’t. I like receiving exclusive lipstick. I like smelling like five stars as opposed to four and I like being on the mailing list for elite nail polish wearers. I also only buy makeup once every 4 or so months, so I’m not spending hundreds a month. It’s just one limited edition eye shadow palette a year for me.

What I would like to know is if I’m actually alone in all this. Or is there a club of snobby lipstick wearers for me to join.

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