Friday, May 7, 2010

Enjoy Weekends: a new section

I never thought it would happen, but it did. I'm a polyvore addict. I've known about this website for a long time and I've even been on it. It's a great shopping stop. I've even peeped at some of the sets people make on there, but I never thought I'd be one of the many that sits on it making set after set like some factory worker. 
Why this site is so addicting I've yet to understand but it has inspired me to create a new section on this blog. Actually, a number of things have lead to this decision.

1. A couple of my subscribers have asked to see more clothes...I guess trench coats aren't enough for them. They weren't complaining about the trench coats, they just want to see more latest fashions. This is something I heard loud and clear, and though I never wanted to bombard my readers with every item hitting the shops I wasn't opposed to adding a small section that went beyond trench coats and shoes.

2. I was encouraged to start another blog. An internet marketer congratulated me when he saw I was throwing a contest for my 100th post and asked what my next blog would be about. I know a lot of people start new blogs once they've reached 100 or more articles. I however, didn't feel ready to do this quite yet. In The Trenches is still a baby and I won't start another blog else until it's grown. (I already have two others to manage). But if this section does well then I will consider starting another blog that focuses on it.

3. I wanted to share my polyvore creations.

Thus a new section was born. Every Friday I'll post up a polyvore creation from my "enjoy weekends" collection. This is a collection of clothes and activities for some good weekend fun. In the future I may even have contests regarding the sets.

Speaking of contests, be sure to check out the one I'm having now. Don't forget you can enter more than once.

On to this weekend's set:

This was actually my first polyvore set. I saw the jeans and thought, "must buy...oh wait can't afford, so must live vicariously through polyvore."

It's something I'd wear while I visited all the small shops in my city. The weather has not been nice, but please if you do have sun in your area dress up and go window shopping on my behalf.

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