Sunday, May 9, 2010

ESPRIT Women's Trenchcoat

Dark, crisp, and simple. This coat is a great spring option. My initial reaction when I first saw it was "is it too simple?" But then I thought of all the accessorizing options, and suddenly it wasn't so plain Jane. After all, simple is often best.

Seeing as how the trench coat is casual, I didn't want to add a lot of bling to it. It's a coat for work, coffee (at a big chain) or errands. Therefore, while I did want to pretty it up I didn't want to make it look too over dressed. I went with below the knee boots, a simple navy blue hand bag and to add a pop of color to this dark ensemble I chose a handmade wire bracelet.

B.MAKOWSKY Lites Charleston Large Hobo,Navy,one size


Rampage Women's Teena Boot

B.MAKOWSKY Lites Charleston Large Hobo,Navy,one size

Hues of Blue Memory Wire Bracelet

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