Friday, May 14, 2010

Enjoy Weekends: Fashion Show At Brunch

If there's one thing I want to do for sure this weekend, it's munch on some delicious waffles.

This week's set is all about class and sophistication. I saw the cardigan and knew I wanted to create a set with it. Many people shy away from brightly colored tops because they don't know how to pair them up.

When you have something like a busy cardigan or heavily patterned top be sure to keep the bottom plain. Dark colored skirts, skinny jeans, or dress pants flatter just about any busy top. When accessorizing, pick one color from the busy patten to play up. In the case of this cardigan I chose the green, but avoided being too matchy matchy. Different sades of green were chosen to create the outfit. A grey top was used to pick up on the subtle  grey in the sweater. The inside top could have been any color but I wanted a light tone since everything else was so bright.

Not sure if you're going to indulge in brunch this weekend but if so, make it a fashionable one and dress to impress.

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