Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Lovin

I found May to be a rather uneventful month. I liked it don't get me wrong, but not too many things stood out about it. Thus remembering what I loved this month was a little harder since everything was either "ok" or "meh."
I just wasn't giddy about a lot of things I encountered. That said, I apologize in advance if this is a short list.

My May Loves

Charles Anastase-short popeline trench coat

This was definitely my favorite trench coat this month. It's just so cute, stylish, and fun
120 eye make up palette

For satisfying the beauty snob in me, having a ton of colors to play around with, and allowing me to use it wet or dry, the 120 eye make up palette was a sure pleaser this month. You can check my post about it by clicking here

neatTreats Soap

Instead of lush, I was all all about neatTreats this month. For starters, the soap just looks nice.  Instead of an ordinary block of soap Pam, the owner, makes her soap using very pretty molds like flowers and even a hedgehog. It's also very moisturizing since her soaps are made with goat milk which is a great skin care ingredient. Lastly, I love the way they smell. The one's I have smell like coconut and I love sniffing them. It's a mild scent, not overpowering in the least but lovely and refreshing. Her soaps just make me smile.  I was actually surprised to be raving about a soap company that wasn't lush.

 Azure Ray
I've always liked this band but this month I found myself listening to them more and regrowing my love for them. To give a brief bio, Azure Ray is an American dream pop duo consisting of Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink. While many may find their sound understated, which it is, their intimate and deep lyrics draw you in. I can listen to them through out my day with out getting sick of them.

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