Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LUSH Chox Away Soap Review

I was lucky enough to receive a large bar of chox away soap from a LUSH party. I say “lucky” because while I did want to try it, it isn’t a soap I’d spend money on; and after using it I hold the belief of “it is o.k.”  Below is my review of the Lush’s chox away soap.


Lathers well: Unlike some other soaps that take a bit to get a good lather (vanilla delight), chox away lathers up very nicely. However, I didn’t find it to have longevity. I’d recommend using it as hand soap because it may end up being used quickly in the shower.

Smells nice (when fresh):  Chox away soap has a nice compilation of ingredients that gives it its yummy smell.  It contains white chocolate, dark chocolate, honey, coconut oil, sweet orange oil and peppermint oil. All these together smell wonderful! On the downside, it’s lovely aroma has little staying power. The scent doesn’t stay on your skin (which could be seen as a good thing) and doesn’t linger in the room long. The bar itself doesn’t hold it’s scent well. You can smell the difference between a newer chox away and one that’s been sitting for a little while. I found that after just 3 weeks the smell had practically vanished. I highly recommend getting a chunk of this as fresh as possible. Ask the people at lush when it arrived. Don’t buy anything older 2 and ½ weeks.

Affordable: LUSH can be expensive…ok it IS expensive so when I find an item that is “reasonably” priced (for lush that is) it’s worth cheering about. Most of LUSH’s soaps cost 7.95 for 100g but chox away is only 5.95, making it one of lush’s inexpensive soaps and a budget friendly option.


Goes quickly:  Limited usage is best for chox away, unless you have a massive piece. It goes really quickly. Within 5 days it had reduced in size considerably. 

Mediocre skin benefits
: While I did feel clean after using it, my skin wasn’t soft or moisturized. I will say that it is gentle. Thus, if sensitive skin is an issue this may be a good option. However, it was the kind of soap that I had to use moisturizer with after my shower since it did very little to moisturize on its own and I’ll even go as far as saying it dried my skin a bit.

While I didn’t find this to be a 5 star soap, it wasn’t bad. For scent alone it’s a nice soap. If you get a fresh one you’ll probably want to stay in the shower all day just so you can smell it. I find it more of a fun soap than a skin care soap. Therefore, if what you’re looking for is some chocolaty fun in the tub or shower then give this one a try, but if you want your soap to do more than smell good lush has better options.

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