Monday, June 20, 2011

Spiegel Leather Trench Coat

I saw this coat on and part of me would like to get better acquainted with it. The leather brown looks beautiful with a textured pattern that makes it look like wood.This is a bit of draw back in my opinion, since I don't want to look as if I'm wearing the trunk of a tree.

But on the other hand if I wear this in the forest, I'd fit in. I'd also be warm, dry and well put together. Perhaps the texture woodsy look isn't so bad. The style of the coat itself is magnificent. I love the high collar and that it still has the classic trench style. The color also makes it easy to accessorize and I believe the animal printed scarf does help to bring its beauty out.



Habutai Silk Fashion Brown/Light Gray Animal Print Long Scarf with Ruffle Trim 19" x 76" (double ply)

Proenza Schouler Women's Oe0010 Flat

Black Oversize Leather Pushlock Clutch Bag

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