Monday, January 9, 2012

Ulzzang Mittens

There are mittens and then there are ulzzang mittens. The latter are far more cute and entertaining. When my sister bought me a pair of fingerless mitts with cute bows, I was inspired to find more stylishly cute mittens for the winter chill. I found myself in a world of cute knits that I had to share with you.

 D&Y Women's Animal Face Fingerless Mittens Gloves

These animal face gloves come in a varity of different colors and animals. Some I couldn't make out what they were supposed to be but they were cute none the less. What you should keep in mind though is that while they fit larger hands, they can be a bit big if you have smaller ones.

Fair Trade Heart Mittens

  These lovely mittens come in 4 other colors, all with a cute heart and contrasting trim. They are a very ulzzang way to accesorize your winter outfit.


Wool mittens with felted Mama duck walking her babies


Oh my cute! These adorable mittens from marysmittens put an instant smile on my face. Her shop has a number of mittens fit for an ulzzang, but these are one of my favorties.

Dot Mittens By People Tree

  I love the bom boms on these mittens. They make what might be average mitts a cute accessory for your ulzzang winter outfit. As for as I know this is the only color they come in. 

Eddie Bauer Nordic Mittens

The pattern on these mittens is lovely. It is a traditional Nordic snowflake. I also like the ribbed cuff, because that helps to keep out the cold. These are a lovely pair of mittens to stay warm in.

Hand knitted owl gloves mittens MADE TO ORDER

 Besides being cute, I also love how you can get these mittens made in your size and color of choice. They come from an etsy shop called sinchukss that makes all sorts of knit items. The moment I saw these I knew I wanted them. 


Sesame Street Cookie Monster Adult Wool Mittens


As a cookie monster fan, I couldn't help but add this to my In The Trenches shop. They are fun and make me smile. I believe there is an elmo one, but I was always more of a cookie monster fan. As well as being cute, they are also wam. Very warm in fact.  

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