Friday, June 17, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Amanda


The skies were a little grey when I made this set and I longed for days of blue. But the Navy Smudge Spotted Trench made me fond of the gloomy skies and I gave them permission to stay a wee bit longer. They did. But the rain did not bring me this sweet deep violet trench or the crimson shoes. It did not descend from the skies a rainbow of bows, only rain. But now that I show you this set the sky has cleared, and blossoms have burst, bringing with it sweet scents and a promise of sunny day giggles.
I am not Amanda, nor do I know one intimately but should there be an Amanda  viewing this set I am sure there is someone who considers you like that sunny day after a rainy spell. And should you need to splash in puddles swap your rain boots with darling heels in case you have to make your way across a rainbow.

Have a charming weekend!

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