Monday, March 14, 2011

Prancing in Peacock Shoes

If you've ever watched a peacock walk, you'll notice how majestic its movements are. This animal doesn't walk, oh no no, it struts. It knows eyes are on it and moves with regal commandment of on lookers attention. I should take a note from the perfect postured peacock and walk with such eloquent style instead of my usual klutzy tumble from one end of a room to the other. But perhaps in these shoes I would also walk with royal dignity.

Pretty Peacock Feather High Heel Pumps

These heels make me want to prance for no reason at all. I did a mini klutzy prance and squeal when I saw them. They are pretty aren't they? If you want a bit of peacock without a feathery mess these are ideal. I could see it paired up with a really cute 50's style dress.  

Strut, pow, wow! These heels are so...peacock. They are actually costume shoes for Mardi Gras, but in all honesty I would wear them to a cocktail party.

 Peacocks even make rain boots look stylish. A cute item for spring time, these boots will be on my feet when the rainy days hits.

Anya hindmarch shoes TAN

Subtly and sweetly complete your summer look with these tan peacock sandals. Combined with a woven handbag and a colorful beach dress these would be perfect. 

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  1. you have done a gud job i like youe collection of Peacock Feather shoes ..Some nice

    collection is also availble on fashion


  2. bought these for a friend and size was wrong to large and cheap they started loosing the feathers and the sequins and strap for ankle digs into ankle i would never buy anything like this again.