Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ulzzang Winter Head Wear

Even though technically we are moving into spring, mother nature can't seem to remember this and keeps dumping snow on me. Thus instead of thoughts of pretty spring blooms, I'm thinking of earmuffs. When it comes to those items ulzzangs have the cutest ones, and since winter will comes again, now is a good time to get them for less.

Vintage Earmuffs Shadow

I like the homemade look and feel of these earmuffs. The rose shape makes them cute and the grey makes it wearable with any coat.

Quilted patent-leather earmuffs

These quilted cuties are from Burberry. The have a faux fur lining and the signature check strip on the reverse side of the headband.


These are far more affordable than the other items in this list, at only 7.98 at Amazon and Aldo. They are typical ulzzang ear muffs, with the excessive fuzzyness and the animal print.

peppermint earmuffs


These Kate Spade peppermint earmuffs are so adorable. I can't help but to think of the lollipop candies when I look at them. What a colorful and fun way to keep you ears warm.

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