Friday, March 11, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Come Party With Me On A Star

It's a little early to be telling you about this, but I wanted to give up a heads up about an up coming kpop post in relation to a kpop party I'll be attending March 31 at the Opus lounge. It's not just kpop that MC Jay Woo mixes. In fact, his work is a sweet fusion of Asia and North America and I encourage to come check him out if you're in the Calgary area. They'll be music, dancing, and of course fashion. If there is one thing I love about the kpop music genre it's the fashion.  Kpop fashion is a genre all on its own and while this weekend's set does not really represent this fashion genre, it does show a bit of the daring accessories often seen in the kpop fashion world. It's a genre that allows it's followers to experiment with a lot of different looks in one outfit. It mixes, sexy cute, classy and bold together so seamlessly that it's often hard to label it. All you see is a great look.
 It kind of reminds me of the music genre and Jay Woo's work. Everything blends so well that all you hear is a great song, oblivious to many different genres blending together at once.

So mark your calendars music lovers for March 31 and come dance with me to a stylish beat.

Have a great weekend!

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