Friday, March 4, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: What was the question?

First of all, to new followers and subscribers, thank you I really appreciate it. To old followers, thank you for your continued support. Now for this week's Enjoy Weekends set, I saw the model and wanted to create a look similar to the one she was wearing, something away from the glam that often gets posted here and more along the lines of hipster rock. And although the model is very inspiring, it's the rucksack that I can't take my eyes off of.

The one in the set is $170 on so my question is...where can one find a cute vintage bag for less? I could start in thrift shops of course. But it's snowy here and shopping is un-fun when you have to trek though mounds of snow. Perhaps eBay will be more kind to my wallet.

I really need a new sack, and I want it for less. Therefore, I will go on the hunt and answer the great question of where can one find a cute vintage bag for less. So stay tuned for a future post, which answers that question.

In the meantime have a great weekend and don't forget to comment.

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