Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pretty Peacock Week

The Peacock

The Peacock,
The majestic Emperor of the land,
The million teardrop eyes,
Weary of staring through time,
The fan of feathers attracting passers-by,
His crown placed perfectly on his head,
The iridescent sapphire blue glowing softly.

Something as majestic as a peacock needs a grand introduction. A poem by George, no older than 13, introduces this creature of style perfectly. I was stumped with what to dedicate this weeks style posts to when a picture of an albino peacock ignited my imagination. The peacock in its own right is a style inspiration. The most dull of outfits suddenly has regal life with a simple peacock accessory. Bags, shoes, and earrings baring the peacock symbol of glam will be show cases this week as well as a fun make up tutorial for ultimate peacock look. 
In the meantime, awe over this beauty of nature. No wildly colored feathers here and yet, it calls for attention.  

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