Friday, March 18, 2011

Enjoy Weekends: Peacock

We started this week with a poem. So I thought what better way to end the tribute to this fashionable bird then with another by Jenna Joslyn 

How proud is the peacock,
unfolding his fan?
How many doors are locked?
I will enter, if I can.

You see me as a peacock;
my beauty broken down.
I grow old, my body mocks
I will not go to town.

So I see you looking down at me, perched from above.
Take this longing, broken beauty; for the one you love.

Two sets accompany this poem because I could not settle on just one. It also shows that the peacock print is versatile enough for an elegant evening look, or a chic day look. I hope you enjoyed the week and that you will don on your own feathery delights this springtime.

Have a beautiful weekend!  

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  1. oooh, pretty peacock things!