Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Outlandish Accessories

If there's one area where I feel designers have become too safe it's accessories. Those bold statement pieces that add an instant touch of chic, glamor, and courageousness too an outfit aren't being produced as much. If they are found it's usually at an expensive price and are generally seasonal. But there is one place where audacious accessories can always be found--etsy. The sellers on this website offer some of the most bold pieces one can find. Now not every item in this collection are from there, but most are because it's THE go to place for daring personalized accessories.

Ophelia, Eco-chic headpiece

If you love having a wildly decorated head then The Princess and Unicorn Boutique will give you plenty of options. All the headbands host a magical characteristic, as if one has been invited to a royal dinner in a far off land. Though I may not be able to wear a head band like the above everyday, it's a beautiful fun pieces for days when I want to add a touch of eccentric elegance to an outfit.

lady of mystery lacy cuff

 Here's another lovely piece geared towards the Victorian, Gothic or steam punk audience. Again it has that elegant charm that one doesn't find everyday in other designer collections. I love the way the lace comes out in an almost dress-like fashion. Steampunkgothicvictoria has a number of pretties likes this that speaks to the person who wishes to transported to an era long before their time.

Felted victorian spats Eggplant Pie

 If I was the leader of a Jane Austen book club, I'd make everyone wear a pair of these spats while we discussed our favorite Austen heroin. The spats come in a variety of different colors and sizes from, Rudman  but these are my favorite. 

Maison Martin Margiela Racoon and goat scarf

Now while I don't like the idea of wearing a raccoon or goat, this scarf is an outlandish accessory that deserved to be part of this collection. It is pretty and I assume it to be warm, but it's also over a thousand dollars.


 Love it! These feather gloves are ridiculous in an beautiful kind of way. For the right occasion, and with the right outfit these gloves would make a great addition. Statement pieces like these usually push people away, for being too extreme but for the lovers of the art in fashion it's pieces like these that make the world of fashion worth paying attention to.

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