Monday, October 4, 2010

Eccoci Guerrilla Fashion Show

Downtown Calgary came up with a great way to promote the stores and malls last month during their "Get Back to Style" campaign. Instead of simply putting out ads, they held guerrilla fashion shows during the lunch and after-work hours in the middle of the cross walk. This is a great way to get people's attention and stir up some interest regarding the fall fashion trends. I had the opportunity to be paparazzi for the event, which meant snapping as many decent looking photos as possible in a very short span of time. Below are some photos of a guerrilla fashion show featuring Eccoci.
I had heard of the brand, but thanks to this event I was able to learn more about it and get more insight into what they offer.

The models were women who worked in Eccoci or shopped there regularly. All of them were nice enough to allow me to post their pictures on my blog.  

I love the earrings used to accessorize this outfit. The copper brings out the animal print.

Nothing says "look at me" better than beautiful women and a giant pink sign.

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