Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dining in style at the Gypsy

I am a restaurant snob. When I go out to have a dining experience, I expect just that—an experience. Not just great food, in a clean environment, with nice staff but a moment I want to share with others. The Gypsy Bistro Wine Bar in Calgary offered me just that. Now I’m not a food critic, so I’m not writing to you as one. Taste is a subjective thing and trying the food is the only way to make any kind of real judgment. I am however a style seeker, and the Gypsy Bistro provides a very stylish experience.

Upon entering, one feels transported out of the city and into a cozy European eatery.  However, the wooded floors, which are very much characteristic of Calgary, will keep locals still feeling at home. The décor is très magnific, bringing you a cozy, inviting, and romantic atmosphere. Gypsy can be regarded as one of Calgary’s perfect date or special occasion spots.

The beautiful fresh flowers in the entrance, the chandelier in the main dining area, the brocade-ish fabric on the chairs, and even the chess board by one of the tables, all adds to this tasteful dining experience. The Gypsy is all sophistication and class and speaks to those who understand that sense of taste goes beyond their pallet.

But one doesn’t go out to eat simply to look at the furniture. Food is first and foremost on the list of a dining experience.

The Gyspy serves continental cuisine and offers an extensive variety. The food is fresh, homemade, and flavorful. I ordered the chicken and country ham sandwich with mango, which came with a pear salad (I don’t remember the exact name). I was skeptical about ordering because I don’t like mangos. However, rather than taking away from the dish, they added a unique texture and flavor. The salad was delicious with a sweet dijon dressing that pulled the whole meal together.

My friend had the lamb and dried cranberry burger and according to her, it was probably the best lamb burger she had had at a restaurant. She said the lamb was moist; the cranberry and gorgonzola cheese set off the flavors, and the meal makes her list of last meals.

For me, it was the mango cheese cake that warranted the menu a high rating. It was the most decadent cheese cake I’ve ever had. Unlike the solid, often heavy, cheesecakes offered by other venues, the Gypsy’s is smooth, creamy and light.  It tasted as if t had been whipped a thousand times, giving it an airy feeling but still with all the flavors.

I don’t drink, but those that do will find the wine list beguiling. And the friendly staff is well informed about the menu and offered suggestions.

Dwaine, the manager, was nice enough to take some time to show me around the venue and give me a little bit more insight into the restaurant. This is not normally done, especially during the lunch hour.

The food is a bit pricey, but this isn’t a fast food restaurant so the prices fit the courses, and I wish they had another cake on the dessert menu, but other than that the Gypsy makes for a very stylish dining experience.

Address: 817 1st SW Calgary AB
Phone #: 403-263-5869

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  1. I love this article and your outfit, great picture of you, Adelaide! I also love the Gypgy, mmmmmmmm......... :)"