Monday, October 25, 2010

Bold Beautiful Bags

When choosing the items for this entire week's collection, the main goal was to find items that had that "whoa" factor. All these bags are extreme in one respect or the other. Now whether or not I'd carry the bag is an entirely different matter. Though with the extreme price tag that accompanies some of these bags, it would be a shame to not use them. For me it's about the boldness and creativity that they exhibit. These aren't just handbags and purses they personify a type of personality. And I'm sure you'll be able to spot one that's brings out your inner personality. 

Mary Frances Accessories What A Hoot Shoulder Bag
This shoulder bag is a hoot! Ha ha, sorry, but you knew it was coming; the name is so appropriate. But honestly, this bag is an incredible accessory. On the one hand it looks like an awesome novelty piece for the bagista, but on the other hand it looks like a really bad final design school project. It's a borderline creepy the way it looks as if it's staring at you, and many will find it hideous, but I give it credit for being so bold.  The downside is how tiny it actually is. What does one wear with such a bag? Well, stay away from strapless since the chain isn't the most comfortable but maybe a cute t-shirt and some ziggy zip cut-off shorts will blend nicely with this bag.

Luxe Day Dreamer Day Chiffon

It's so bright, so pink, so frilly; it's like a Palm Srings prom party. All I need is a small yappy dog and Paris Hilton and I can have an outrageous girls night out. Even though it is so bright, I like this bag. It makes me happy. It's such a "girls just wanna have fun" bag.

Mary Frances Accessories Crystal Palace Clutch

I love this clutch. It's definitely something for the glamorous girl that likes to get to noticed. And with all the beading, gems, and embellishments on this clutch you're sure to turn a few heads. 

Marc by Marc Jacobs Nico Lamb Bag
What's black and white and furry all over? This shoulder bag should be a winter jacket. It looks so warm. It also looks like someone's pet. This bag features best across the shoulder over a form fitting top and deep colored skirt. You could also do a  graphic tee, dark denim skinny jeans, and long leather boots.

Pratesi Guitar Backpack w/MP3 Speaker Connection Brown

I'm a backpack sort of girl. So when I saw this, my eyes kind of lit up. This guitar shaped backpack actually comes with MP3 speaker connections. Obviously you have to be someone who really likes kitschy accessories to want to sport this bag on an average day.

Custom Gothic Corset Bag - SIREN

This bag wins for my pick of trick-or-treat bags. It's quite the sexy bag. Beanbun, offers a number of Gothic and Halloween fun items. The corset bag comes in a variety of different colors and they are custom made. I love handmade items like this that are bold and edgy.

Alexander McQueen Quilted clutch

This quilted clutch is sold out, which stuns me a little considering that it's over a two thousand dollars 0_o *gasp* However, it is a Mcqueen and he is dead, so maybe people bought it as a collector's item. I do wish I owned it. Not to collect, but to actually use. It's a beautiful bold bag, perfect for this spooky time of year.

I'm sure there are a number of bold bags that I passed by so please do share a link if you know of one that should have made the list.

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