Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Falliday

I need a holiday, but midterms won't let me. My prehistory class is an overload of work. I don't mind it so much since I like the class, but for a junior level course it is a bit much. I'd like to have a sit down with the course organizer to let them know that a 30 page paper is excessive to say the least. Thus I apologize in advance if the time in between my post gets longer.
Since I can't have a holiday, I thought I should have a falliday--a day to celebrate the most inspiring season. Fall gets me revved up, despite the fact that everything is dying around me--the leaves, the flowers in the garden, my social life. Fall is just beautiful, and I feel beautiful during this time of year. The weather has been accommodating too, allowing me to go out and participate in all the things this magical season has to offer.

My nail polish matched my dress. Unplanned I swear. It's actually two different polishes mixed together.

I hope you are enjoying the season too.

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