Monday, October 18, 2010

Premium Godet Check Trench

Why is this godet check trench coat so fabulous? Wae?! (why in Korean). Even without the added checked print in the pleats, this coat would look lovely, but the creative addition makes it look that much more special. It looks quite vintage to me--perhaps it's the classic trench coat color and style--and I love that the check print is even on the collar. If it wasn't for the classic trench coat flaps at the top, this coat could easily look like a dress. I was a little stumped at first about accessorizing it. You could get away with playing up the check print. I felt that might be too much, so I went in another direction and just decided to add some simple, but cute items to make this coat look that much more fabu.


Michael Antonio Women's Melanie Pump
The SAK Silverlake Flap 

Gang Hat

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