Friday, January 29, 2010

Vampire Valentine

If all the pink hearts make you want to puke, and the sea of sweetness is making you sick then you may enjoy the darker side of Valentine's Day. No, this isn't about being anti-valentine, but showcasing a few pieces that are intriguing, a little morbid, but very much heartfelt.

Be&D navy leather georgetown studded strap flats

I love flats, I love studded items....This was a no brainer. Instead of a cheesy candlelit dinner why not take a walk at twilight with your valentine in these edgy shoes.

Pierced Necklace

This is a very creative valentine piece. It's not just that the necklace is designed in a way to allow the arrow to point directly at the heart, that I love, but the victorian look of it.

Steampunk Necklace - Vintage Brass CAGED HEART Pendant Necklace - Complete with Gears Swarovski Crystal and GEMS - EXCLUSIVE by edmdesigns 







Want to keep your secrets close to your heart?  This inspired Steampunk necklace was created with a unique brass heart pendant that is designed as a cage into which you can look and special things can be locked away inside.

 Black Rose Ring 


 Even if you aren't into Gothic revival, or horror stories, I think every girl should have a black rose ring. They're just sexy, not to mention mysterious and eye grabbing. 

Coffin handbag Macabre and Fabulous 

 I think this would make a good Halloween bag, but I say, why leave all the other holidays out. I mean, what else would you carry to a vampire valentine party?

Black Gothica Couture Wrap 

I seriously need this wrap. The design reminds me of bat wings, but there's a sophisticated chic about it that makes it wearable with almost anything. 

If you're tired of the same old' red and pink routine for valentine's day, why not try something different and browse through gothic, punk and eccentric accessory stores. has a number of talented hand crafters that are willing to take special orders for your dark valentine. 



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  1. etsy rules for fashion. If only I had the cash! I'm with you on that wrap!