Friday, January 8, 2010

Stylish Mall Goers

I went to the mall today to meet a friend for a lunch and get myself a new trench coat...I didn't actually go for that, I was just lucky enough to get a great one. Now I'll admit I didn't glam it up today. It's January, it's cold and well I just didn't feel like it. But these ladies didn't let the cold weather keep them from looking fashionable.

These ladies were so cute. I love their shoes.

I like the red scarf. Her bag was really hot too.

This girl was my favorite. Her scarf is a great accessory with her coat. I love that it was a bold color that really makes her outfit pop.

I love when people make an effort and actually wear the clothes they have in their closet. If you're lucky, I might just snap a photo of you looking oh so stylish.

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