Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love at first sight

Have you ever gone shopping and nearly had to have someone pinch you, because whatever you saw was everything you ever wanted! It was too beautiful to be real, too lovely to be left alone, and too cool to confined within the store borders. You grabbed the item and the heavens opened up. Ok, so maybe the heavens didn't open, but it doesn't change the fact that you fell in love.

I had several of those moments this month. My mouth fell open, my heart started racing, and I was lost for words that's when I knew...I wanted to spend the rest of my life with it. I would make all the items below my Valentine.

Laurie Zip Cutout Pump - WHITE (5) Laurie Zip Cutout Pump - WHITE (5)
It was actually the black ones I fell in love with, but they're sold out. Regardless, it is one hot shoe! Bebe always has an item that I can't get over. Even after I buy them, I still can't believe it's mine. Besides the cool look of the shoe, I love that they're easy to walk in. I rarely buy heels because 3 seconds after putting them on I fall over, but I'm still standing tall with these.

Safety Clutch

This bag took my breath away. I love the safety pin detail.

The Marne Trench

This wasn't a "isn't that pretty" moment. It was a "Where have you been all my life!!!" moment. I love the color, the buttons, the glove length sleeves, the funnel neck...I love this coat.

I really wanted a Victorian hat last year, but all the ones I found were sooo...19th century. But topsyturvydesign on etsy makes these wicked hats. It's not just the one hat in the picture that I love, but all of them. Do I have any place to wear Was it crazy love at first sight...yes! 

Anyone who's seen pride and prejudice, and liked it, will love this necklace. The front reads "You must allow me to tell you" and the back says "How ardently I admire and love you." I thought to myself, you took the words right out of my mouth because that's exactly how I feel about this necklace. It is oh so romantic.    

Timed Race Watch Necklace

I love multipurpose items, and this one had me smiling in satisfaction. I love the swivel handlebars and the kickstand that lets you prop the bike on your nightstand.  



Bottega Veneta red woven leather large hobo 

 So classic, so beautiful, so darn expensive! I got shot in the heart with envy when I saw this bag and the price. It was like seeing the guy you've always wanted and then seeing his perfect girlfriend. I wanted shed tears as I realized we would never be together, because common sense doesn't allow me to spend $2, 380
on a bag. But if I ever nab a rich man, he can forget the engagement ring and buy me that bag. 

Well that was my list...for now. Please share a shopping story about an item that you loved at first sight. 

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